Starting off @janellecshane 's with a fiendishly difficult one: Prompt no. 1: A Rock.
(I'm using my own whittled-down list of prompts taken from her four different lists)


@janellecshane Prompt no. 2: A Pile of Logs. This is actually useful to do because arranging logs in a pile from imagination is a bit of a spatial challenge for me. Because drawing is also mark-making, I changed the brushes around in Procreate and added a different paper texture, the better to fake traditional drawing. Kitsch powers, activate!

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Prompt no. 3: Endive. I don't know why Janelle thought that was a terrible prompt. Everyone should try some botanical drawing some times. This is a red variant of Belgian endives, which are usually grown in the dark to prevent photosynthesis and bleach the heads.
I used the Sumi-E brushes from the Rusty Nib brush set in Procreate. But I'm NOT calling this Sumi-E.
Tomorrow, I'll stop weaseling out of the more complicated prompts.

@janellecshane prompt no. 4: Intergalactic Space Ferrets. If there's a mustelid to be drawn, I'm there for it.

Strongly implied butt stuff, rude humor 

@janellecshane 5#Botober prompt no. 5. A Tool For Removing Cones. The prompt didn't say from where and my mind went back to a visit to a big box sex shop in Missouri? I think? About a decade ago.
Going for a ratty line like Reiser or Hein de Kort for this one. Dunno if I pulled it off. It took much longer than expected, so probably not.

@janellecshane no. 6. The Magrathean planet designer Poopamancerarghfart never rose to the same level of fame as his colleague, Slartibartfast, though people in the know frequently praised his work on savannas as being more universally applicable and meaningful than Slartibartfast's fjords. Maybe it was the name? His rival had changed his from Fuckfartybastard and this had generally been regarded as a good move.
Eh, they don't always turn out to be good.

I should have either stuck with my original first sketch, or erased the second one and tried a third time, but I was running out of time by then. Ah well. I did number 6.

@janellecshane Day 7: The Amount Of Time That Something Should Take. Woulda been ironic if this one, too, had escalated to fill my whole morning art slot, but I'm happy to report that, give or take some figuring out of what I could and couldn't do with Procreate's symmetry tools, this took exactly as long to make as it should have.
I don't go this abstract a lot. Perhaps I should do it more. Perhaps I should learn a vector app for things like this.

(Untagging Janelle here)
Day 8: Blobby Things, Ones Not Attached To the Floor. Am I going to draw the nightmarish tv mascot Mr. Blobby? OF COURSE I AM! Leaning in to obvious things is kind of my brand.
He does look a lot less terrifying and a lot more goofy without the mouth.

Day 9: The very concept of a knife, arranged in a circle. My second abstract work in the series. I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to make, but not how to make it. After a number of failed attempts, using the airbrushes, and abusing the Warp tools in Procreate got me close enough.

Day 10: Cats With Lasers. Trying to avoid more imagery based on vintage science fiction because I did that last week with the ferrets. I also focused on cartoonising the cats, perhaps to the detriment of the lasers.

@reinderdijkhuis I did think that one was funny but secretly nice! I agree that they're pretty, and your rendition is particularly gorgeous!

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