After seeing some conversations on Discord, I've started thinking about anarchist murder mysteries. Do they exist and what would/do they look like?
Like, in a conventional murder mystery, there's always police even if in Agatha Christie-style cozy mysteries, their presence can be minimal. The investigator is often a detective or works for the police, and the murderer gets handed over to the police at the end, with few exceptions.
Then there's the whole 'individual genius' thing.

Like, even if you decouple the term 'sleuth' from 'detective' and posit a sleuth who neither works for not cares about the conventional justice system and e instead helps the murderer into some form of restorative justice framework, it's still a fiction about a genius who does the work that only they can do. Some recent shows have undermined that a bit - I'm thinking especially of 'Elementary' in which Watson learns to do what Sherlock does, without adopting his insufferableness.

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'Elementary' also shows the slog work of trawling through papers and data, which is one of the reasons why I appreciate it so much. In the real world, whenever cops or whoever do spend a bit of time solving crimes, the slog work is vital.
Real-world Nazi-doxxers could be a model for anarchist murder mysteries. Some brilliant people among them, but it's a collective effort.
Anyway, no point speculating when I don't know what is out there. Does anyone know a good anarchist murder mystery?

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