Another parable for the ages, but this time it doesn't involve me (honest):
"How do I become a pro artist?" asked the aspiring artist while drinking at a con.
Said the pro artist: "Why are you drinking at a con when you could be at home drawing?"
And the aspiring artist was enlightened.
Three months later, the pro artist went to the doctor, who told her to stop working herself to death for Christ's sake I warned you about this before why can't you take advice?

Every once in a while I compose long Twitter threads or blog essays in my head that say essentially this. For now, a parable for the ages will have to do.

@reinderdijkhuis In this case, I was online friends with the pro artist who posted the initial conversation on Facebook, earned a lot of applause from other artists with it while I sat on my hands trying not to argue. I don't think she or any of her friends ever connected her burn-out with that conversation.

@reinderdijkhuis What's also pretty galling about these types of things is that sitting at home working on art all day will give you a good portefolio, but it may not necessarily develop you further as an artist.

As well, a lot of art jobs aren't the ones you get through a portefolio, you get them because you met so-and-so at a con and they thought your art was dope and remembered your email address.

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