One political/technical thought for the day: yes, FOSTA-SESTA is responsible for the #Tumblr diaspora, and it's responsible for causing similar harm at other sites. But don't forget that the corporations hosting these sites have been predatory data miners for years, and were never out to protect their users in the first place.

Federated services like Mastodon show us how the Internet should work: smaller servers, run by actual people, that have real privacy controls. #ByeTumblr

These are the guidelines for the GOOD ads!

A single ad on a website may set 25 cookies, make 100 'fourth-party' calls and use 40% of a user's CPU, according to the guidelines of this adtech firm:

(in addition to many other third-party services that receive data; and of course it's not only 1 ad)

Hey everyone! I'm Beth, an aspiring comic artist who's hobbies include drawing OCs and being terrible at video games!

This kid here is my main and favorite OC, Daniel (AKA: 3D)

Reminder that even if someone is hypothetically an abuser, using ED or KF as a source to their wrongdoings is NOT justified.

You're just lending validity to harassment sites that do not care about the accuracy of their information, nor how it might affect bystanders and victims. It's all a game to them.

This toot is not about anyone in particular so please don't twist it as such, it's just something that I felt needed to be said.

@Ayior @LadyIcepaw But, when you're dealing with a light based medium red, green and blue lights are the most efficient, and when you're dealing with perceptual color, such as design as well as the way video is stored, we tend to use a color model where we determine the contrast of red vs green, yellow vs blue and dark vs light(with grey in the middle of all of them).

Digital Empowerment in Rural India - powered by FreedomBox.

Sudhamsh Kandukuri and I presented yesterday at XConf India 2018.

An inspiring story of a grassroots movement where people rejected Facebook's Free Basics and installed low-cost community Wi-Fi networks instead.
A FreedomBox on the network provides most of the essential digital services required, offline.


Video recording: coming soon!

#FreedomBox #Swecha #FSMI #XConfIndia #ThoughtWorks

Testing some new pencils since the art store switched brands. Baoke's 2Bs are pretty similar to Tombow Mono's, and buying a 4B for darkening lines is something I should've done a lot sooner.

#art #mastoart #sketch

...This thread got a bit more surreal-shouty than I was expecting.

I was just gonna post a couple of photos of cute teenage ungulates. But it's been a weird couple of days 😐

...also I might be a bit sleep deprived. Because the GODDAMN PEACOCKS WOULDN'T STOP MEOWING ALL NIGHT.

*takes breath*

Have a neutral frog. Frog don't give a shit about horny birbs and goat sofas. Frog just frogs, and that's ok.


...I... I can't even anymore.

So here's lil birbie Pippin at 4.30am this morning, determinedly serenading the corner of a couch pillow with all the romance he could muster.

...A *human* couch pillow, not a goat couch pillow or a sheep couch pillow.



Oh, you know how I mentioned that these goats are soooo incredibly spoiled? that they have their own bench-sofa-things next to the dinner table?

...I wasn't kidding.

This was the view from my chair after dinner last night, as Baa-sil was snuggled up on my dad's lap.

That's right. It's a goat, on his own personal goat-sofa. Made of wicker.

...I don't think my dad thought that one alllll the way through.

Manuel is the prettiest, calmest, friendliest goat I've ever encountered though. All he wants to do is follow you around and ask that you give him all the attention and affection and nose squooshes in the world. Honestly, I want to take him to a hospital as a therapy animal, he's so damn sweet.

On the other hand, this morning I walked out onto the deck at 5am, to find dainty little Manuel the goat curled up on the dog bed (that the dogs never use, they prefer the indoor sofa).

Bewilderingly, he was curled up with a plastic toy truck.


I dont have my tablet with me so I tried watercolours first time in a year
Random trees on the first page, Skolema and new cryptid OC on second. A5 + technical fineliner that i found in my bag

It is interesting how much more care he puts into the guitar recording than anything else. His voice on the new demos is an aimless warble, but the guitars sound pristine given that they're probably just recorded at home with whatever he had lying around.

Listening to Daniel's new demos. Outside of the guitar playing, they're as rough as any I've heard from him. But they're intended to be sung by more of a musical cast.
Like this:
And even with the rough vocals that the new demos have now, I can hear it.

of our rather beloved ! Happy with the end result on this one. Yasha is up next.

Let's put another character up on here~ It's been a bit since the last one!

J'vani here is a nymph with not only anxiety problems, but also has some self confidence issues and is kinda shy. He doesn't like being a nymph and refuses to do the work he's meant to do as one. When not sitting around thinking about his past he plays music and sleeps in piles of leaves.

#mastoart #smashchuart #smaschujvani #illustrations #art #mycharacters

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