I'm also interested in working with real brushes for the first time in many many years. The last time I've used brushes as anything other than a convenient way to fill large areas was in the mid-1990s and these days, outside of Inktober, I tend to use flood fill for that anyway. But I'm now looking at some other artists' brush strokes and itching to learn to do that.
It's possible that I'll need special glasses to work with them, which would make things very expensive for me.

Traditional artists of Mastodon! My Faber-Castell PITT brush pens aren't eraser-proof and while this is a small problem compared to me being exhausted, it's an easier one to fix. What brush pens would you recommend for someone who inks directly over (2B) pencils and wants to erase those pencils until the drawing is super-clean?

A second day of struggling with ideas for that are too difficult to draw in the time I have. They're things I can draw, but not in two 30-minute sessions scheduled around the work day, housework and dog walks.

Thumbnailing would help. I believe the high-end pros doing all thumbnail their art; the ones I know personally do. But with the time I have, if I have to thumbnail it, it's not a good candidate for an inktober drawing in the first place.

For the last set I would let the strokes a bit loose, I will call these Quiralta's freestyle tales
#Inktober #mastoart #quiralta

Wrote a new blog post. Once again, pardon the nudity on the sidebar, but I still haven't drawn anything to replace the pic there:


- 20 - Tread :
J'ai traduit par le foulage du vin, donc voici un dessin qui joue un peu avec un semi-encadrement 🙂


Today's inktober special is inspired by this wonderful short story by @vicorva about a cat who finds its way into a dragon's hoard: tootplanet.space/@vicorva/1030
Go check out her writing! :tialove:

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