I'm considering setting up an account with Diamond (the only comic book distributor in the country) so that we can carry a small smattering of comics.

Their minimum order is $425/month, and you have to place a monthly order or they won't do business with you.

That works out to be about $100/week, which isn't Horrible, but it's also not great when you're talking about items that mostly cost $3/each. So I'd need to be moving 141 comic books a month to meet their minimums.

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So, are any of you #comicbook fans without a home comics store, that would be willing to keep a pick list with our coffee shop, to have shipped to you?

I'd do free shipping on orders of 5 books or more, and would ship each week or each month at your option.

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Reminder: the monthly @BandCamp fundraiser to support artists who have lost income due to COVID-19 is on today (and there's a separate fundraiser coming up on June 19) daily.bandcamp.com/features/ba
For us old-school folks who still buy records, this is a good way to keep the music going and redistribute some money.

support protester bail funds and a black musician, us pol 

a day without love is a black folk punk musician and is doing this right now to raise funds for philadelphia and minnesota bail


bandcamp is waiving fees friday (june 5) so that would be the best time to buy

i got this on his mailing list

bandcamp won't let you access to confirm without following, but this message is public on his page here too


bandcamp is giving 100% of sales to artists this friday so you might want to have a list of black artists in your back pocket to give money to

if anyone here likes vaporwave and hasn’t listened to DJ Screw, i strongly recommend you do so.

Not only is vaporwave strongly indebted to Chopped and Screwed production techniques, but George Floyd collaborated with Screw in the 90s, rapping over several of his beats

also screw released a lot of straight up quality albums. you’ll like it


Once again, the firehose of news and information is crimping my creativity. Time to carve that media-free timeslot for creative work out once more.

someone on twitter calling for people to stop making horny art of cops and make horny art of USPS workers instead

"we don't lick boots, we lick stamps"

Police brutality in the past 

For various reasons, I was reading about the city of Philadelphia's unjustifiable bombing of residential housing with intent to murder members of the organization Move.

I knew about this event in the abstract, but I didn't know the details.

I know more details now, they do not make the police look better.

The power asymmetry in this country is stark. The bombing was punitive and terroristic. It served no functional purpose beyond destruction. ACAB

cop jacketing / "outside agitators" / tone policing / white washing 

like, cops do come in and start shit. we should document that and out it when it happens. But that comes from careful investigations by local activists who can definitively prove what happened

It doesn't come from a reddit user with a grainy photo of someone head where a smudge could be an ear piece. but if it is maybe it's for a hearing aid, or something else. we have no idea

you are falling right into their playbook.

seriously, just listen and support the activists actually out there doing stuff.

If you are too pissed off for that, then I'm sure your town has a police precinct you could burn down

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Tonight several people were arrested in Louisville protesting the murder of Breonna Taylor, if you can spare something please donate to this local bail fund actionnetwork.org/fundraising/

protesting advice 

so listen, its been a while (2014) since i've been on the ground due to illness, but at one time i was learning to be a street medic and if you're preparing to go out to protest, here are some things to help you be prepared:

1: If you can help it, try not to wear contacts. you may get gassed and that junk will get stuck behind the lenses. tight swimming goggles will help you to some degree tho
2: if you have a bandanna, soak it in apple cider vinegar and keep it in a plastic bag. take it out and breath through it if you find yourself in a gas cloud. it'll give you a couple minutes of protection to get out.
3: soak a wad of paper towels in dish soap and water and keep it in a plastic baggie for emergency decontamination of your skin. rinse your eyes with clear water. milk will alleviate the pain but wont get rid of the actual contaminant, soap will
4: oil free cold cream will also help to get rid of contaminants from the face

please be safe. carry change or small bills. tell people where you will be. have an escape plan. write important numbers on your arm, seal it with hair spray.

if you are asthmatic, carry your emergency meds or just sit it out. tear gas can kill an asthmatic. thats why i had to stop. i got gassed and almost died. please be safe.

us politics, birdsite 

twitter flagged one of Trump's tweets for the second time, this time saying he was glorifying violence

Covid-19, immunity passports 

What a terrible idea mooted by Hancock. Your reward for being diligent with hygiene and social distancing over the past few months is that you get to spend more time in lockdown, while people who've had the virus get to resume normal life.

It will encourage and reward risky virus-catching behaviour with a certificate that allows you to return to your life, while others remain in lockdown.

Chop it off before it grows legs, for god's sake.

To all the Australians here, The Australian Perceptions of Abortion Study is currently underway and certain conservative groups are piling in to bias the results. Please consider taking the survey if you're in Australia

When you're a good boy and you've had a 2 hour walkies and your flea & wormer treatments this morning

look at this majestic creature, I wanted to call her godzilla but I was overruled

The #StayHomeComicCon (stayhomecomiccon.nl/) is open for registrations! The first time was really nice. You can get a booth for free to advertise for your site or webshop, or pay for fancier booths and more exposure. There's #cosplay events as well.

Last time was a really nice experience! (But booths were gone pretty fast.)

#Comics #Cosplay #Art #ComicCon

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