heyo makers, I need suggestions on any good free music programs that are pretty easy to use. Need it for a game.

It's never too late for :D

In an establishing shot, if your focal location is strongly to one side, it can read as "arriving" or "departing", depending on whether the reader/viewer looks across the surroundings first, or looks from the focal point to the surroundings.

In a comic, this usually depends on the reading direction.

Moomins creater Tove Jansson, illustrations for 'Garm', anti-fascist Finnish-Swedish satirical magazine (c.1944) #womensart t.co/26WS1jsZs4

we’re extremely poor and hungry and it’s our last night together before kev goes home to wales for a lil bit (i’m SAD) and it’d be nice to get a last meal in together. i’d appreciate all the help we can get 💕💕💕


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I don’t usually post deals, but this one seems worth it: Amazon and Best Buy are taking up to $200 off the latest iPad Pro models. Links in this article: 9to5mac.com/2019/04/16/ipad-pr

Heya, I'm Heather! I'm an artist/writer/comicker who has been completely won over by the Mastodon community. Y'all are so great!

🌿 Maker of @FriendsOfSam, and sableandaster.com (on hiatus)

🌿 Gecko person :squishygecko:

🌿 One of those weirdos who actually LIKES drawing horses 🐎✍️

🌿 Canadian, polite and non-confrontational to a fault

🌿 White cis woman, family from Yorkshire, England

🌿 Trying to be aware of the grey between black and white

Thanks to the efforts of @branko , my website is back! He trawled through the files looking for obsolete function calls and after changing just two php files, the CMS was functional again. This is not something I could have done.

I still wanna learn Jekyll, but it's lost some of its urgency now.

On my weblog: a few words (well, over 1200) about my progress learning so far. It turns out that writing these words helped me figure out a problem I was having, so I'll probably keep journaling my struggles.


Practice sketches, nothing special.

Gonna start tagging these too since profile hashtags are now a thing and I want to see if it works there despite the toot being unlisted.

#mastoart #art #sketch

Image prepping never fails to surprise me. I thought these old (traditionally) penciled comic pages would work best as heavily compressed JPEGs, but they're actually smaller as PNGs with the color palette reduced all the way to 8, even before PNGout.
When I'm done with this project, would anyone like to help me out by timing the load times for a small number of pages? The content is a little bit NSFW but not pornographic.

This looks promising:
A webcomic plugin for Jekyll that supports multiple comics. And, from the look of it (I have a poor understanding of Ruby and code in general), it counts images in a folder and generates the equivalent number of pages for them.
I like this statement at the end:
"There’s probably a more efficient way to do this, but the code works well enough for a couple hundred comic pages."
That will do, I think.
#selfhosting #webcomics #jekyll #linklog

@Yncke Thanks! What were your experiences using Jekyll for webcomics? How did you handle page/image naming? Scheduled updates if any?

As part of the process of routing around my broken website, I went to my Patreon using a browser that wasn't logged into it and had no previous cookies set. It showed a bit old popup saying "This is adults-only, please prove you are over 18".

When did it start doing that?

So, recommendations anyone? My needs are still relatively simple:

1. Not too large and clunky;
2. Syntax highlighting for HTML/CSS;
3. Global search and replace in opened and unopened files;
4. Not Emacs;
5. Code insertion buttons insert correct code;
6. Does not do things that make me lose or misunderstand my place in the document.

(Bluefish fails rather hard at 6)

For individual web pages like this one, anything more complicated than a notepad-type editor is overkill, but for a project with multiple templates, I do prefer using a tool with some more advanced features. Back in the Windows 98 days, I used to like a program called Anansi, written in Pascal by a Dutch-Surinamese programmer. Bluefish is the closest I've found so far to it, but it's been a while since I looked.

By the way, seeing the new template in action, it will need a few tweaks. The contrast is probably too low throughout and the text can afford to be larger.
The specific placeholder will get a large but simple graphic less than 10 kB in size based on the hyper-dithered images I tested earlier, and I will change the URLs at the bottom to readable links. I didn't spot that until I had to leave for work; the error comes from misusing Bluefish; I only use that a few times/yr so I don't really learn.

Whichever option I choose, I might as well accept that it'll be weeks, possibly months, before the site is back, and plan accordingly.

3. I could convert the site to Wordpress or a static site built with a tool like Jekyll. To do these things, I'll need help from someone who understands SQL, because the existing CMS's database is probably not very standardized. This could be expensive for me but it may be a better way forward, as discussed here before. I'm downshifting the formatted pages, might as well simplify things on the backend as well.

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