The Movement MCS Percussion Computer was a very rare British-made drum machine produced approximately between 1981 (MKI) and 1983 (MKII).

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Today in 1964 BASIC made its debut, in an effort to take programming out of the world of machine language.

Share if you're old enough to have gotten your start with it.

developers: man it really seems like software has been going downhill for the last 15 years


developers: it just feels like there is no end to the bullshit


developers: why is everything so buggy and resource intensive


I'm gonna start blaming service failures on "left-wing Internet companies". Got a 500 because PostgreSQL was down? Liberals! Forgot to pay the AWS bill? Progressives! Uncaught exception? Thanks, Obama!

old ppl complaining about "cancel culture" 

every time someone does this i think of this toot

> if you released blazing saddles today, people would be furious. they would say "wait, ive already seen this, this is just a shot-for-shot remake of blazing saddles" 🐘

scottish tories nazi dogwhistling 

ok, the scottish conservatives haven't addressed or taken down their "1488" tweet from 2 days ago, and the only mention of it in the scottish press is "wow, that's such a large and unspecific number!" this is why journalists need to learn some degree of media literacy.

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Why do people become beatmakers when When Doves Cry has been around for over 35 years?

was listening to the recent trillbillies ep with donoteat and he made the excellent point that basically every rural and exurban American city has an excellent bus network that reaches just about everyone — but they’re yellow and only kids are allowed to use them

More broadly, I hope this brings more creative workers into the discussion about competition.

Specifically, "monopsony," the excessive buying power that happens when a companies dominate access to a market, which allows them to squeeze their suppliers, especially workers.


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There's a reason for the anonymity: Disney's anticompetitive mergers (culminating with the destructive Fox merger) has created a monopoly with vast market-power to destroy creators' livelihoods by excluding them for speaking out.


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When cryptocoin people compare the energy expenditure of everything in the world that's ever used energy to the energy that bitcoin is burning right now when very few people are using it for anything tangible.

"It's slightly less,, SEE?? Educate yourself!"

Pro tip for developers: please, for the love of God, make it easy to switch dark mode off if you make it the default. Please just make a big obvious button or something like that.

ADHD resource authors consider that your reader might be the patient and not the patient's parent challenge 2021.

[bonus level: consider what the patient actually wants, not just what will make them easier for their parents to deal with]

136 facts every web dev should know before they burn out and turn to landscape painting or nude modelling

Cheeky tone; serious topics: failure demand, dev as pop culture, frameworks, OSS, and more

@gael @kravietz CIVIL did not "save journalism":

ClimateCoin did not stop climate change:

NFTs are not actually helping artists sell digital art:

Seriously, cryptocurrency techbros need to just stop. Best thing they can do to fight climate change is to switch to speculating on tulips, instead of BTC and ETH. At least tulips don't emit carbon dioxide.

Call for beta tester!

In order to make it easier to circumvent censorship and to obscure the usage of Tor, there will be a complete redesign of how Tails user connect to Tor.

Your feedback is needed, to spot as many problems as possible before we release 4.19 to all users.
How to contribute:

You hear the first time about Tails?
Tails is a portable operating system that protects against surveillance and censorship.

“Over the past several months, everyone in the industry who provides any kind of free CPU resources has been dealing with a massive outbreak of abuse for cryptocurrency mining. The industry has been setting up informal working groups … cumulatively wasting thousands of hours of engineering time implementing measures to deal with this abuse, and responding as attackers find new ways to circumvent them.”

UK politics / Coronavirus / (a very tiny) call to action 

We're not talking about the KFC secret blend of herbs here, these are millions of people's lives, physical and mental health, and livelihoods that are needlessly being put on the line through the most wanky capitalist gatekeeping and nationalism.
Please sign this petition to support the proposal to suspend patents for COVID-19 vaccines:

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