friendly reminder that:

- you do not need to think someone is the scum of the earth to block them or mute them
- being blocked or muted does not mean you are a bad person in any way shape or form
- you have a right to surround yourself with people you enjoy, indeed, you have a right to happiness
- people liking you doesn't mean you are a good person
- you liking something or someone doesn't mean that that thing is good

it is a misconception I think a lot of people hold, and it's not truth.


uspol, white supremacism, classism, ableism 

> Since Wednesday’s assault on the Capitol, I have seen the mob described as anything from “bubbas” to “hicks” to “uneducated trailer trash.” However, just today I saw a CEO, a district court judge’s son, a pharmacist, a mayor, and a woman who flew on a private jet to the rally all be doxxed on Twitter for their participation in the mob. Our rush to distance ourselves from unsavory racists and discounting their intelligence ends up framing the threat incorrectly. And it is allowing the white supremacists to get ahead.

mutual aid, mentions of houseless, hunger, and mental health struggle 


A Black trans woman is currently experiencing houselessness and hunger, and she’s struggling with her mental health.

Please donate and boost so she can get what she needs.

Her PayPal:

synth stuff 

So far, I've been going 16 for 16 on keeping up my music practice. I've recorded a bass guitar part for a group project and made two recordings featuring the new oscillators the other day. I've also had some train wreck failures when it came to synchronizing all my devices, but I have a good idea what I'm going to need if I want to try again.

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synth stuff 

Day 16, and thanks to YouTuber Oscillator Sink, I found out about the firmware update for the MicroFreak, including three new oscillator models from Noise Engineering. At least two of those can be used to pretend the MicroFreak is a modular synth.
Also thanks to Oscillator Sink, I have been able to follow three tutorials for building different types of patches on the MicroFreak.

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Hey folks, an instance with Bolsonaro supporters just arrived in the fedi, including what seems to be a bot reposting bolsonaro content from :birdsite:

If that wasn't enough, they say in their terms "they hope never to have to moderate because everyone is adult and polite and will hear, listen and respect each other", in other words, smells like freeze peach.


Money beg 

For donations of over $25with you giving me a place to mail them-as you help me pay to get my roof fixed,I'll send seeds for:
1.Mantilla lettuce
2. Red romaine lettuce
3.Grandma Hadley's lettuce 
4.Livingston's Paragon tomato
5.Yellow pear or Igleheart yellow cherry tomato
6.Nebraska Wedding or Cherokee Purple tomato
8.Strawberry Spinach
9.Scarlett Nantes Carrot 
10. Paris Market Carrot
11.Dragon carrot 
12.Zebrune Shallot 
13. Pink Plume Celery
14.Genovese Basil

"hostage taking" is such an outdated term.

i've simply evaluated my position in the current business landscape, and decided to place your children behind a paywall.

mutual aid request, medical 

My boyfriend broke his glasses a couple months ago and finally has an eye exam appointment. He's already had to give up a job opportunity because he couldn't see, and he needs one soon or we may lose housing.

Before Saturday we need:
$85 eye exam
also ASAP:
~$15 Zenni glasses + S&H

I also do commissions! Please see pinned post!
CashApp $nuktibromos

Police brutality, racism, death, UK/Wales 

A friend of mine in Wales is despairing of how little attention this seems to be getting. A 24 year old man died of his injuries just a few hours after being beaten by the police in Cardiff.

She says it's not the first time this has happened in Cardiff.

The problems Black Lives Matter exists to address aren't as specific to the U.S. as white British people like to think, but that means shit is so much more easily hidden here.

im glad that nazis are finally being deplatformed from mainstream sources but also the fact that the nazis were not only cool on these platforms but PROTECTED the last five years while they hunted bipoc and queer and trans people for sport shall never be forgotten

UK politics / petition against harmful insecticides 

There's a petition to continue the ban on the use of Neonicotinoids. You may have heard a buzz about this recently (excuse the pun) and it's ridiculous that we have to give a choir of "oi wot you doing with those insecticides mate" to the government about it, but here we are. Give it a sign to get it off the ground, for the bees 🐝

We'll be blocking today for a variety of shit which their mods find acceptable, mostly things like users posting "I will unapologetically cheer the riot" and "The collusion to shut down Parler is a terrible precedent".

"Leftists" and "anarchists" who actually have no idea what antifascism is can get fucked 10 ways from Sunday. Oh It's Tuesday. Whatever. Go Fuck Yourselves.

Please do not forget that there was a Black lead instance on here for 3 yrs that decided to leave (with many friends, ily) bc they were consistently harassed and stalked for saying the kinds of things about racism/colorism/antiblackness/intersectionality that provoked self reflexion and they didn't like that.

The point I want to make is that you haven't upset them...yet.

Thank you so much everyone who has been spreading my post and donating. After only one day I’m at half my goal and I made an appointment for my wisdom teeth removal next week!!! I’m so happy to get these cursed teeth out of my mouth!!!

I was so scared to ask for help because I didn’t think ppl would care. It’s wild how much community support can really help overcome these things. I appreciate the help so much and wish blessings for everyone that has spread my gofundme and donated.

Don't care much for extending olive branches with extremists, though there is something to be said about keeping things cohesive among different types of leftists.

@f3hlerimsystem kikagaku moyo is fucking consistently amazing -- masana temples is one of our favorite psyc/prog/krautrock albums of all time

synth stuff 

I wasn't done with the OP-1 but I decided to stick my iPad in its place and see what I could do. Er, to sync iVCS3, I will need to understand both it and MIDI a lot better. And Korg Module could only follow whatever gate/pitch information came out of the MicroFreak. But that did allow for some fun doubling up. I'll see what else I can do with virtual instruments here in a bit.

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WTF moments included:
* The leaky clock in my audio channels is now in the channel that I put the OP-1 on and it's much louder because
* The output volume of the OP-1 is surprisingly low. Or maybe it's just this particular sampled drum kit? In any case, I had to turn the gain way up and then it got really noisy.
* I have no idea what I did to transform that sequence so utterly after I hit Paraphonic. It's cool but what else did I do?
* Hey, the OP-1 is gone. Oh, it needs a charge.

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Notice how all the 'free speech' advocates wringing their hands about fascists getting deplatformed are curiously silent about the lack of access to those same platforms for people living in poverty?

It's like they only care about freedom of a certain type of speech...

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