Spouse made me watch some videos on art tablets and Clip Studio Pro the other day and it's amazing what a decade of competitive obnoxiousness, I MEAN YOUTUBER BRAND BUILDING, has wrought.
Videos, for me, are always a hard sell. But the medium is involving in a direction that makes them even more wrong for me.

Delia Derbyshire is one of my all-time hacker and artistic heroes. She'll always be one of those people I deeply wish I'd worked up the courage to write an appreciative letter to or something back when she was alive.


The Atkinson Hyperlegible Font (which you can read about and download for free here:
brailleinstitute.org/freefont) is so cool!

Legibility is more art than science: what's more legible for one person will be The Worst for someone else, and that's especially true for visually impaired people. But this font looks amazing to me, it just pops out of the screen and is drastically easier to read than my old favorites.

Answer: not very well! My Mastodon interface is in Dutch but almost 100% of what I write or read is in English and VoiceOver treats it as Dutch. Fascinating for me, presumably annoying for a vision-impaired user who is used to working in multiple languages.

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I'm following the first link on the article on veronniiica.com, and trying VoiceOver and I'm immediately discovering a serious problem: it is not multilingual. You set one language (mine defaults to Dutch) and anything that is not in this language gets mangled beyond recognition. I'm trying to find out how to fix that, and how well setting it to multiple languages works.

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My morning schedule went to fuck today, so no drawing today. I may do today's prompt a day late or skip it but I will make no effort to get caught up.
Instead I'm spending what's left of my pre-job time to read up on accessibility in comics. veroniiiica.com/2018/11/29/how plus its outgoing links, and 2019.jsconf.eu/jessica-jordan/

Every once in a while I get the urge to make a magazine that is entirely filled with my different . Today is one such day and I need someone to talk me out of it, ESPECIALLY because this is a thing I could totally do.

My reason to quit would be simply that I'm spending too much time each day making drawings that don't even mostly turn out that good. I'm turning down commissions to make time to work on comics - better actually work on comics! I would also like to crank out one page for Halloween and have some, you know, results by the end of the month, even though I know I have all quarter for

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Tomorrow, I'll be halfway through and that will be a good time to evaluate if I want to continue, skip a few days or abandon it altogether.
Meanwhile the state of : I'm still writing, but I'm working on a different comic from the one I was supposed to be working on! The plan now is to crank out a few one-pagers - a format inspired by old-school Sunday pages ultimately, to get an idea of the workload per page.

Censorship talk 

Yes this in part over the birdie sites latest thing, but it's a part of a larger pattern. As a disabled person I can't get to most government meetings nor protests in person, so without these accessibility points- I can't get that data. Like the water boil need warnings for my city- it's only posted on Facebook

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Day 15: Coots of Magic.
Meh, but at least I'm tearing through my unused brushes in Procreate.

Day 14: Giraffes. The Magrathean planet designer Poopamancerarghfart could live with the lack of name recognition, honestly. But he could never forgive the way the Powers That Be passed over his most magnificent creation as a candidate to be allowed to evolve into the Earth's dominant, most intelligent species.

Jour 11 : Disgusting.

Pendant très longtemps j'ai détesté les champignons, mais viscéralement. Et un soir d'automne, on se baladait avec ma mère, on est passées devant la piscine et elle m'a obligée à passer par un trou dans la clôture pour aller cueillir ces choses honnies qui poussaient sur la pelouse, dedans. Trauma d'enfance :P

Maintenant, les champignons, ça va. Mais les coprins chevelus, c'est toujours beurk gluant dégoûtant.

#inktober #inktober2020 #digitalPainting

Day 13: Milkchamallowfluffykins
Due to a change in my morning schedule, I will be posting these a little later in the day than before.

Antisemitismus, Spendenaufruf 

Nazis sind in die Wohnung einer jüdischen Familie eingebrochen, haben explizit antisemitischen Schaden angerichtet und Wertsachen geklaut. Bitte spendet wenn Ihr könnt, die Familie lebt prekär. Gerne boosten.


If your UI has perceivable lag on interaction, on low-end or old devices, it's broken actually.

I've heard "performance is a feature," but I don't think that goes far enough. Poor performance makes your program inaccessible to people. Maybe classist even. And computers are fast by default; you really have to throw a lot of shit at them for UI to lag. If my brain has time to go "seems like that click didn't register, guess I'll click again," then what are you even doing with those millions and millions of cycles.

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