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The portable art and music setup for a (nearly) three-week trip. Let’s see how well this works.

@ajroach42 people don't realize how incredibly efficient steel wheels on rails is. You can push fully-loaded 100t freight cars by hand if the bearings are reasonably well maintained

Mathematicians and Engineers keep trying to solve transit and transport and traffic.

You know what they find, every time? Trains, mostly, would solve all the problems.

Plus some buses.

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Most towns in this country have a rail station and rail lines. Most of them are not in active use.

These can be made to work again.

We can build various kinds of low emission, small vehicles for last mile transit. Slow speed stuff that won't kill people in the event of an accident.

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@neauoire I’m still waiting for “Falsehoods programmers believe about peoples’ accessibility to technology.”

Turns out it’s pretty hard to do two-factor authentication when you’re trying to pay a utility bill from a public library computer.

I just got sacked with an unexpected bill

Please boost, share and or donate my GFM, pls.

If I could hit 500 in the next couple days I would be really grateful

that doesnt cover it but any bit helps

Netflix Sandman, discourse, queer rep 

and anyway, who the fuck doesn't want to see Jenna Coleman be an absolute gremlin person, that sounds great, I'd watch 10-50 episodes of that for sure

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The state of Search engines in 2022:

Google hides important information, such as whether you are in Images or All in the illegible cruft part of the URL.
DuckDuckGo just puts your search terms in the URL bar so you can't copy a search results URL at all.
I literally told people I wanted to share search results with to do the search themselves.
Duckduckgo still marginally less useful than Google, as is the pattern overall.

When I listen to my co-workers complaints I realize that technology and especially computers are essential to our modern lives but people are not trained on how to use them efficiently (independently of their age). A correct use of Windows/Mac would increase people's productivity by at least 20%, using Linux and some tools would bring that number to >40%, and if you learn some basic coding language you could bring it to >60%.

@kensanata I've never really think that way since the common idea is that the new generation is born with computers. But you're definitely right: that doesn't mean they understand them "as well" as the Gen X generation.

so yeah, we really need money. i have a preorder going on now for a limited run of these pumpkin creature sticker sheets on my ko-fi. (worldwide) shipping in mid-september!

boosts, preorders, or other shop orders, or donations of any amount really help, thanks :boost_ok:

& fuck utility companies

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help charm afford-find housing (time sensitive and urgent): charm has lost their grandmother to covid in december 2021, their mother to covid in january 2022, and just recently lost their other grandmother within the past two weeks. they are strugglign to keep their head above water as they still need to work and don't have a chance to grieve the loss of their mother figures back to back to back.

So, you clever people with a solar roof: how do you manage running appliances at a time of max power output, such as auto-running your laundry or tumble dryer in the middle of the day, without necessarily being physically present in your home?

Something like WiFi controlled power outlets in combination with homeassistant monitoring your array output and then switching those outlets on and off?

Or something like this?

Boosts much appreciated!

hasn’t been met: Hi, I’m a Black trans girl raising money to leave abusive environment.

I have an imm*diate cf for $350 for upcoming bills, food, groceries, and Lyfts.

VEN: @Spitfirego
CA: $pitfirego

*If ur reading this, then it hasn’t been met, yet*

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I still have so much debt and barely have money to eat. I teach maths but I still haven't received payment yet. Please support me.

My Paypal Account:

I don't know how to return the favor. I can help answer some maths questions if you have some maths problems. I also create this site that contains tools that might be useful to everyone:

ph- (covid) 

In the meantime, to whomever needs to hear it:

This pandemic is not over.
You're not irrational for keeping your guard up.
If someone tells you otherwise, tell them to go sit on a tack.


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I enjoy Steven Wilson talking about the creative process much more than I enjoy any of the music by him that I've heard.

Crowdfunding a bit of aid due to my husband and his mother contracting COVID-19. I have to lose a week of pay and given that I just spent a year unemployed, we don't have any savings to compensate for an event like this.

I also have venmo and cashapp

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