Colonial conditioning has tricked us into thinking it is "savage" to wear less clothing than what colonial Europe has deemed to be decent, and "backward" to wear more, as in the case of robes and head coverings. This, like colonialism itself, is a lie. It's practical to wear minimal clothing in very hot and humid weather, while coverings provide protection and comfort in hot, dry weather with sun and sand. European ways are not suited to all conditions, and European senses are not the pinnacle of beauty and morality.

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Google tried to push me down a youtube rabbithole of hate videos and conspiracy madness because I wanted to know the difference between cement and mortar. So I'm telling my players to use invidious and peertube instead.

So YouTube is removing community contributions, which means community-contributed captions and subtitles are not going to be available anymore.

If you have any viewership in another country, and you wish to make your content more accessible to them but you do not speak their language, or to make your content accessible for viewers who are hard of hearing or deaf, YouTube says “tough luck.”

You’ll have to find either dedicated volunteers, or hire a translator, to translate your transcript into other languages.

Which disincentivizes accessibility measures for many creators. Which is bad.

I feel like the "kids can't be properly socialized without attending school" conceit is undercut by the socially maladjusted adults running everything right now, who pretty much all went to school.

Amazing how Americans exporting "freedom" seems to always be followed by the liberated sending shitloads of resources back to the US

@Mycroft of course you bring this up the day I'm wearing my Alan Turning shirt!

Oh, and just a casual reminder that the mass surveillance and data mining infrastructure you're so nervous about runs on free and open source software, including most prominently Linux servers. No that doesn't mean Linux, its developers, or users are necessarily badwrong or no one should use Linux or whatever, but it does mean that the vague and ill-defined idea that free software is some kind of guarantee of moral purity or would set us all "free" from corporate control was always a lie. To the free software ideologues, here's your freedom: The freedom of corporations to pay pennies to build a digital Panopticon. To the open source utilitarians, here's your efficiency gain: You've helped build truly impressive tools to violate our privacy. Fuck you all and your laughable moralization of technology.

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It sickens me that some of the biggest media figures in #Linux and #FreeSoftware are alt-right or adjacent, making these spaces actively hostile to the groups already excluded from tech and making young people in particular easy to target with hateful rhetoric.

pet health (-) call for advice 

Once again, my cat Pyewacket has stopped eating. He already gets pills to stimulate his appetite and I'm sure I got one of them into him this morning, but they're no longer working.
He cries for food in general but refuses any specific food offered to him. He's had cat food, packaged soup for cats, chicken liver, ground chicken, all the stuff he usually loves. He refuses all of it and I'm pretty desperate. How to get him to eat until I get him to the vet?

'Elementary' also shows the slog work of trawling through papers and data, which is one of the reasons why I appreciate it so much. In the real world, whenever cops or whoever do spend a bit of time solving crimes, the slog work is vital.
Real-world Nazi-doxxers could be a model for anarchist murder mysteries. Some brilliant people among them, but it's a collective effort.
Anyway, no point speculating when I don't know what is out there. Does anyone know a good anarchist murder mystery?

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Like, even if you decouple the term 'sleuth' from 'detective' and posit a sleuth who neither works for not cares about the conventional justice system and e instead helps the murderer into some form of restorative justice framework, it's still a fiction about a genius who does the work that only they can do. Some recent shows have undermined that a bit - I'm thinking especially of 'Elementary' in which Watson learns to do what Sherlock does, without adopting his insufferableness.

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After seeing some conversations on Discord, I've started thinking about anarchist murder mysteries. Do they exist and what would/do they look like?
Like, in a conventional murder mystery, there's always police even if in Agatha Christie-style cozy mysteries, their presence can be minimal. The investigator is often a detective or works for the police, and the murderer gets handed over to the police at the end, with few exceptions.
Then there's the whole 'individual genius' thing.

King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King 50th Anniversary edition (2020). Now this is more like it! I don't get most of the spatial benefits of 5.1 because we never got around to mounting the speakers in the right place. But the highly-detailed mix on the Blu-Ray adds a lot more texture to a record that is already a favorite of mine. Greg Lake's bass and his voice, and the acoustic guitars in particular, sound more realistic without losing punch. Crank it up.

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Leaked Documents Show Police Knew Far-Right Extremists Were the Real Threat at Protests, Not “Antifa”

uspol, George Floyd protests, acab 

This shouldn't be surprising to anyone that's been following the #GeorgeFloyd protests, but they knew. The police knew that antifa wasn't a threat. They're deliberately lying in their public statements in order to justify committing violence against innocent people.

Countries are not frugal, they are only richer.

David Gilmour - Live at Pompei (2017). I only played Blu-Ray Disc 2 because I hadn't watched the concert parts on that before. Two concerts are excerpted here, neither of which leave a strong impression, but they're good for winding down after a long day. Band performances are solid but compared to the show that actually took place in Pompei, they're not visually impressive. A nice bonus feature, no more.

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Sonically, this is great if you get your receiver settings right (my speaker placement in the living room is less than ideal). And it's probably one of the best bands he's ever had. Pity there's no audio-only version.

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Some capsule reviews of Music in 5.1 that I dug out of the DVD cupboard:
1. Peter Gabriel - Back to Front Live (2014). Interesting visual approach with the deliberately hesitant start to the show. Peter Gabriel at this point is physically showing down but at the peak of the show, he still shows quite a bit of energy. However, the vocal overdubs are visually distracting and I turned the video off for a bit to just listen.
Awesome rhythm section of Tony Levin and Manu Katche.

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