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✨✨Pixel Commissions✨✨
Check them out over here !
Retoots are super appreciated <3

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can i get a fuckin uhhhhhh hello it's Me I'm Mara. according to my profile i know nothing about twitter and even less abt this website but it looks cool. i only draw ocs so expect a lot of those >:O!!

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the comparison!! feels almost unfair, the one i just finished definitely got out of hand hahaha

Heed my warning my darling
Don't let the twilight drown

aahhh i've been working on this way too long* it's supposed to be a redraw. i'll comment the comparison below.

*too long relative to how tired i come home from work everyday

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This is Malmal Chaobare! In her original universe she was a dragon demon, however I've been using her in our ( @fanfi @Kukkymota ) sense8 AU where she's a sensate in a cluster with 8 other people.

She was born into a crime family in America, being the youngest of her siblings. She's not the sharpest tool in the shed but she's kind hearted despite being in the mob. She also has big flirt energy.

Read more about her here

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my nonbinary dwarf Takara w her dog + our dnd group consisting of two chaotic bastards and one beautiful cinnamon roll princess

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Hi now that tumblr is spiritually dead to me im back

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past pixel art commissions!
these characters belong to overlordpotato@toyhouse, occultluxury@toyhouse, nightmarewing@tumblr and patriarty@toyhouse!

ok i realized i uploaded the wrong version for the last gif so i'm just gonna
(that's a big + a small version)

WOW it's been long. i haven't been drawing as much as i did before since i got a full time job but! here's some pixel art from a sense8 AU with our ( @fanfi & @Kukkymota ) ocs! ocs belong to us :D

some assorted pixel work! 4 color palette practices and caffeine for pixel dailies, for the prompt :D

more gameboy style thingies!
all characters belong to me except for that last one, which is a ko-fi reward! <3 you can get one too if you donate 2 kofis ( ) u can see more info here …

here's a couple more... cuz i liked doing it
these (unrelated to each other) belong to me and @fanfi respectively as well!

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