sometimes. drawing boring stuff just hits different!
i havent learnt anything new™️ with the course (my art teacher from 2 years ago already taught me all that, god bless him) but it's a really nice revision! the exercises are short and the instructor doesn't put any pressure on u so the learning process is really enjoyable :) (the link to the free course is in the thread if u want to check it out)

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¿Ya están usando

Hey  I’m a monster and concept artist from Chiapas, Mexico looking for work! I recently worked as a Prop designer on the animated show Onyx Equinox!


Oh nice, Mozilla VPN now available on Linux and in the UK.

Just got my invite email.

So excited to finally share this project with you, as I worked on the new rebrand.

Moon Phases in 2021

Video Credit: Data: Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter ; Animation: NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio;

Music: Brandenburg Concerto No4-1 BWV1049 (Johann Sebastian Bach), by Kevin MacLeod via Incompetech #APoD

My finished sticker design for my next shop update, featuring a magpie with boltcutters. Portion of proceeds will be donated to folks doing prison abolition/prisoner support work. (Taking suggestions for orgs to support!)

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