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My animation demo reel 2020
I'm Animator, Character design and storyboarder
Most of the work is from short films that I have produced

To be a kitten living on a couch with hedgehogs ✨

// I hardly ever make two versions of my drawings but it was based on a cute wideo of this cat with hedgehogs on birdsite but I also really wanted to give them the ribbon :heart_sp_pride:

trans men ARE men
trans women ARE women
nonbinary people ARE owed $20 for every time they're misgendered

Dark Rabbit
I modeled this rabbit with blender 2.83
Thanks for the new cloth brush
I would like to use cycles but the render is better with eevee

You want to learn shell scripting? Or you want to improve your existing :bash: knowledge? You can start learning Bash shell scripting for free with these resources of PDFs, video courses and interactive Websites by @soul_predator

#Linux #Bash

Publicada en Linux Magazine la segunda parte de mi serie "Cómo crear un juego con #love2d". En éste número, física 2D.


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