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Today is the !!! and I want to show some images of myself like trans women in my first year in TRH
Existing is my activism and i am happy for this day

My name is Reese Polilla, I am cartoonist, a sister, a girldfriend

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My animation demo reel 2020
I'm Animator, Character design and storyboarder
Most of the work is from short films that I have produced

RPG Sound Cards - Celebration

Fourth song / animation of a series of yet unknown number of tracks I am composing to practice. The idea is to create the most common tracks used in RPGs for archetypal places / situations. This one is for a festivity or celebration in a town.

- Music made using Linux MultiMedia Studio (lmms)
- Animation made using Krita, Godot Engine, Olive and ffmpeg

#music #pixelart #mastomusic #gameart #lmms #linuxmusicians #mastoart #krita #animation

Together nonbinary people are like a storm over the gender binary, and individually we are each a lightning strike upon it.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity #storm #lightning ..

Amigos recién llegados 📢

¡Bienvenidos! 🎂

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cw: monster body horror 

perry being trans i think makes it possible for third-party clients to stream timeline content? both mastalab and subway tooter have more features
they're all open source instagram

The BrewBots are at war with their jerkface neighbors! Can they emerge victorious?

#Gaming #Gameing

Resident Evil Revelations: Not great.
Resident Evil 7: Mostly good.
Resident Evil Revelations 2: Let's find out together, shall we?


#TruckCommunity #stream

@Curator I'll just throw in here Storyboarder, an open source response to Storyboard Pro. From what I understand it is fully open source, and is certainly free :) It has some neat features.

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