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Hello, mastodon! Time for , I guess. I am Lana, freelancer artist from Ukraine. I do a lot of art nouveau inspired illustrations, often draw my and fanarts.
Losing social media with nice audience (ty musk) hurts a lot, especially in hard times like these, so I will gladly build a new home here, just need a little help in spreading the word!

health disorder, strong language 

For entire life I was fighting with endocrine disorders, eating disorder, obesity and other shit which required "just therapy" to learn in my f*cking 30 years that I have generalized anxiety disorder caused by chemical imbalance. I lack dopamine and serotonin, not "your parents are guilty".
There are certain recomendations and medicine and you have no idea how expensive it is. I could afford only half of things I need.

Finished another watercolour\marker . I guess I need to stop calling these "sketch commissions", it takes way more time than just a sketch, even though I started so. Some things bloom from unexpected directions. :)

"He was all gray and black - the same as the world he lives in. Yet in his eyes I saw the brightest colours of the sky. His subordinates say that he is icy cold, unreachable and distant. I say that he is dreamy and bright.

The sky is the same - wherever you look at it. The difference is in our attitude".

The more I draw and try to build an audience, the more I understand how pointless is everything I do. People seem to hate me or ignore me.

This is how we're going to greet summer and !
I am so very happy to finally bring something for Pride! Each year I promised and each year I failed, because I always found something more important than myself.

Be kind to yourselves and be proud of who you are. We are all unique and this uniqueness makes this world - and us - so special. Let's celebrate this - and upcoming summer! <3

P.S. Mastodon got this earlier than Twitter, ehehe.

...and for those who miss my nouveau pieces! It's from 2020, but I still love it a lot!

Thank you so much for votes and comments! I finally have structured comic prologue and hope to finish the first short story "The Sweetest Story Never Told" by the end of this summer! I already have the script and soon will work on storyboard. <3

Meanwhile - our White Knight aka Blaze and his magic, Lohengrin.

"The Swan Prince" - digitally altered graphite. I really like this one, but that usually means others don't like it as much. C'est la vie

Since "Professional Troublemaker" arrives as Mastodon\Kofi exclusive (but at first Mastodon will have early access), I wanted to ask you, my potential readers, about the content you are interested in! I have some scripts and I have hard times choosing the one I want to work on.

Long time no see!
Another I enjoyed working on a lot! I really love the same layouts with different moods!

I was thinking a lot about drawing a comic. I have a great story and amazing universe, but I was too afraid to waste 20+ hours of my time for nothing. With the amount of work I have monthly, it's a huge risk. Like, I could finish 2 commissions or draw something which won't be needed at all. Yet, here things are different. So I decided to start short stories as Mastodon exclusive and see how it goes. :)

When the day that lies ahead of me
Seems impossible to face
When someone else instead of me
Always seems to know the way
Then I look at you
And the world's alright with me. (c)

I am sorry, I had to recreate the post and delete fediverse tag. If one more goddamn ru user will appear on my profile, I'll run away screaming.

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Just finished another nouveau . Enjoyed working on this one a lot! Curly hair and flowy dresses are my weakness. <3

I think I won't use fediverse tag for a while, because there are a lot of ru users (cryptobros, pro-war, etc.) reblogging my art and trying to interact with me, which make me sick.

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