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@mametsuko i am a german native and I just started learning japanese 5mins ago 😂 we’re kinda on the same boat

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Hey, art lovers!🌈⭐️

Know you can support my art in different ways:
✨I sell quality prints of my colorful art on INPRNT
✨I have a Kofi page if you want to buy me some coffee
✨Favs and boosting are cool too! :)

(Links below👇)

Sooo... I recently joined an online character art class, because I really want to get good at creating characters. The first assignment we got was to draw a character completely from the imagination and without any additional studies. Just the skill we currently have + no coloring and no shading.
I came up with RAID. He is a cyborg and he is raiding.

Sitting like a distinguished gentleman. Yeaaaah, very distinguished. 😂

I’ve been going through some old stuff of mine and found this sketch 🤔🤔 i don’t know why I never finished it 😬

Question for peeps slovenia

@jendrawscomics you can choose in your settings if you want to approve manually or if anyone can follow

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Time for your Monday morning cup of rocket fuel. Gel pen on metallic card.

I am thinking about getting one of the books by Kim Jung Gi. Does anybody have one? I would like to know if there are many of his 5 point perspective drawings in there.

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