After @deerbard brought it to our attention that this instance censors wayyyy too many other instances, I'm also moving to c:

See you there!

Oooh, there will be a continuation I think! Cross your fingers :)


My friend makes music and last year he asked me for very specific drawings for his clip. It is now published and I'm amazed what magic he did to these silly little doodles. Music is instrumental, don't wait for vocals :)

Should I intermingle some of my course work in here or should I keep it entirely focused on ?

This is an FTL-inspired demo for our from last year.

It'll be part of this course

🚀 #Nasa has greatly expanded its #software package, which is #free for users to download and use. Over 800 programs are now available for free.

#science #space #opensource #openscience

Doing so many r/SketchDaily - had to go back to experimentation in painting c:

Also, does something like this need to be marked as sensitive content?!

I wouldn't do it, normally, cause I'm pro-free speech, but I still agreed with the rules since I accepted being here :) - I don't know if this is considered NFWS or not.

I want to mention that I didn't expect any actual engagement in my initial post :)) - other than a couple of favs.

So that's unexpected in a positive way. Maybe we'll do a bit more engagement and see how this goes.

Cause as I mentioned, I would like to make a community of sorts, if, at all possible, that's centered around art design/concept-art and that type of stuff. So we'll see how it goes :)

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How do you guys like Mastodon in comparison with Twitter?

My assumption here is that we all want some form of engagement, be it if we want to follow someone or have someone else follow us.

It's obviously much harder to get those goals since we're on a less popular platform.

On the other hand, I opened an Instagram account not so long ago, but it's pretty difficult to start a following naturally due to "the algorithm", so it's a bit difficult to gauge these :)

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