Today's "labor" :)

1. aimless doodle page to get things rollin'
2. an attempt at a mermaid in peril scene - if I make it in time for  . We'll think about it


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@razcore Duh-hang, that's Krita? I woulda sworn real media. Really lovely stuff, here.

Indeed, that's Krita. I developed this brush trying to emulate the conte crayon that Ryan Woodward uses for gesture

If it looks like traditional medium then it does the job :)

@razcore Oh, dude, Ryan Woodward! He taught at uni back when I was going and I have one of his books of gestures. Very cool!

@AesAthena I saw he has some ArtStation presentations, they're on the learning resources page, but I gotta say I wasn't super impressed by his takes :)

He's definitely a fine artist so not to take any of that away. I got his sketchbook from his website, in PDF format - it's very nice to dissect even if it's not an instructional book.

@AesAthena well it depends. Are you using Krita?

The only reason I don't have my brushes, templates, and other resources up somewhere is cause it's such a pain to work with the Krita resource-bundle system and I just gave up :)

@razcore @AesAthena Oh wow, I’m very interested in these, too - looks amazing! Reminded me of Ryan’s work right away.

@razcore Same here, it’s the best way to learn what works for you and in which direction your own voice lies.

If you feel like sharing or selling this brush set but don’t want to handle the Krita bundles you could zip up your install folder (I think the paintoppresets one has all the necessary files) and I’d be happy to set up the bundle for you. hmu 🙌

@mooncube My hope is that Krita v5 will make the process easier and I'll just release the resources then.

It isn't as easy with these, cause I also have some paid brushes from PhotoShop into the mix.

I'll figure it out eventually :)

@AesAthena here, I made a repository with all my Krita resources just for you :)

Enjoy! Let me know if they work for you.

@razcore Oh, wow, thank you very much! Hope @mooncube sees this, too!
Seriously I need to sit down and figure out how to manage all these great Krita resources I got!

@AesAthena @razcore Ooooh awesome, thanks raz (and thanks for the ping, too)! 🤩

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