Just a quick reminder. Search for the (morning art toot tips) tag to see all the art tips I got so far. And I encourage anyone to use the tag if you share some tips even if it isn't morning. Let's populate this tag with useful art content :)

Or if you got other tag ideas (it's still early so we can change) I'm open to suggestions

@razcore There was a while back, but I'm not sure if it's still active...

Hmm, looked at it, it goes way back in ancient times when I wasn't on Mastodon. Doesn't look like it's focused on art, then again, matt can and is also about people named Matt :). I'll think about it, thanks

@razcore Yeah, iirc it was more of a tips tag. I agree that "matt" can be a bit confusing because of the name and thus a little too general. But who knows, I like that it's short and easy to remember. If there aren't any non-art-tip posts interfering with it, it should be good.

@dona there are about 4 non-art toots at the beginning of time before I took over the matt tag, but I can imagine it becoming a problem later when it gets lot more crowded around here and people posting about matt damon & similar. But I like it so much :D cause it's super short, maybe mattips is also short and good to the ears anyhow, I'm thinking about, I'm starting to loose slip over this stuff! :)

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