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Another space shot, I like how the colours on the solar panels turned out and the crop works pretty well, too. Still have to improve on “space lighting”, that characteristic look you see in every outer space photo. Painted in .


These sketches were easy enough since I tried to be as minimalist as possible.

We are in the process of revamping the Brainwash Discord -exercises with a new and improved program. Stay tuned! c:

Wasn't sure if I'd post a WIP on this, but it turns out that r/SketchDaily/26.06.2021 theme is feather and the alternative is chicken and it matches perfectly so it gave me a reason to post this :))

It's a proof-of-concept for a project I'm dubbing AxBaroque. I have no idea if I'll keep at it, but I at least want to finish one illustration if nothing else :)

My first r/SketchDaily exercise. The prompt is "midsummer day".

Reminded me of when I was in Mexico. It wasn't a midsummer day, but this prompt inspired me to do something with a temple dedicated to the Sun in an ancient setting.

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This is one of my favourites out of my recent paintings, it took a while but I’m pretty happy with hue shifts and the sunny vibe, feels very warm and free. Painted in

Moar style exploration based mainly on @titovviktor (Instagram).

I know, I'll fix the expressions too when I'm a bit more comfortable with the workflow! :)

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