And this would be my character, I'm not sure what he is, but these are some of its features:

- former slave
- scout
- good with: bow, lance, knives
- stealthy/not people person - due to easily understandable circumstances :)

So that DnD server - I'm gonna' try a game myself. The story is of a 3 unfortunate dudes that are indebted to some shady fellows and they have to find a way to either find the money or find a way to leave the country and be on the run.

I dub this guy the boss dude they're trying to escape from :)

Time to update Beyond the Veil - Reiku . Lets see how the colorizing goes.

So Reiku is a simic hybrid type of creature.

Remember the beyond the veil DnD game thing? This would be a character called Reiku, a mechanical/hybrid/human thing. Reiku is an existing character in some other RPG thing, but this is a design from scratch.

Yeah, thanks guys, I'm not a stranger to making krita brushes and I tried a lot of different options, I just didn't get a good result no matter what I did.

But that's fine! No need to steal other styles :)

I'm giving up on trying to replicate sinix' style in Krita, the brushes just don't do it, anyhow onto the morning practice

Joined a DnD discord server for the story (never played it) - this particular adventure is called "beyond the veil" so there you go :)

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