finally finished this "page" too - for moderndayjames' clothed figure challenge

WIP for this page on the clothed figure challenge. Half is missing, what will it be? :) just a few more to go

Decided to pick up moderndayjames' challenge (ends in a week) - 75 figure /#paintings in whatever style. I'm going for something inspired by ryan woodward - sketches & sinix - paintings. Search for these guys you won't be disappointed

Hopefully we'll see some progress by the end

And this would be my character, I'm not sure what he is, but these are some of its features:

- former slave
- scout
- good with: bow, lance, knives
- stealthy/not people person - due to easily understandable circumstances :)

So that DnD server - I'm gonna' try a game myself. The story is of a 3 unfortunate dudes that are indebted to some shady fellows and they have to find a way to either find the money or find a way to leave the country and be on the run.

I dub this guy the boss dude they're trying to escape from :)

Time to update Beyond the Veil - Reiku . Lets see how the colorizing goes.

So Reiku is a simic hybrid type of creature.

Remember the beyond the veil DnD game thing? This would be a character called Reiku, a mechanical/hybrid/human thing. Reiku is an existing character in some other RPG thing, but this is a design from scratch.

Yeah, thanks guys, I'm not a stranger to making krita brushes and I tried a lot of different options, I just didn't get a good result no matter what I did.

But that's fine! No need to steal other styles :)

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