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Back to art...
This is what happens when you can't to create a character for ttrpg without having some idea of what they look like, but you happen to have some serious aphantasia. They always get portraits. Always! Preferentially in the time allotted to work on their sheets. 😅

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okay, cohost, ello and whatnot - but, don't let it sap your wanting to build yourself a personal website.

these platforms are not-anti software, they're anti-other-platforms, they want to be the one platform. So take inspiration from that, and build your own website, use syndication standards if you need, and say fuck platforms.

Another watercolor from one of my sketchbooks. I feel like we've entered a forest at night and this druid-ish bear is either welcoming us or blocking our way. Or neither. 🐻 ✨

As far as I know, no one has ever seen this before...including me. 😆

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Another "book house" from my current sketchbook. It's quite small. Notice anything about the chimney?


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