@varve aah relatable there is a little trail of magenta paw prints across my apartment

made my first little punch needle guy!! hes a little wonky but i love him πŸͺ±πŸ€ 

a gal i drew recently bc apparently i'm obsessed with valentines day imagery

also trying out some new stuff with my style, trying to make backgrounds/props more intentional (not sure if it really translated in this drawing but i'll get better with time!)

wow i finally remembered to do ! here's a glimpse into a pretty ordinary monday 🀠
(i'm putting the full comic up on my kofi)

hey everyone! i just reopened my etsy shop and put up a bunch of fun stickers and prints (here's just a sneak peek)!
i'm pretty proud of all of the work i've put up, would love if y'all checked it out 😌
the link is in my bio!

got commissioned to draw the robert pattinson tracksuit meme, which was incredibly fun :^) if anyone would like a little print of this pls let me know, im planning on making a few

delicious 🍳
i bought some mini canvases and have been really excited to paint on them! starting off with egg, of course.

@swordjaw aah yes! i actually have that one requested from my library right now, hoping to read it soon :^)

anyone have any graphic novel suggestions? recently finished reading this one summer by mariko tamaki and through the woods by emily carroll

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