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posting this again bc i moved to a new instance, hi everyone! i'm anna, a visual artist who mostly does digital art and paints. i like to make art about animals, cryptids, and general things inspired by love + tenderness :^) i'm a queer immigrant college student currently based in athens, ga.
i have an etsy (which will reopen at the end of january!), and i post regularly on my tumblr + instagram (links are in my bio). here's some of my recent work! very happy to be here!

made my first little punch needle guy!! hes a little wonky but i love him πŸͺ±πŸ€ 

a gal i drew recently bc apparently i'm obsessed with valentines day imagery

also trying out some new stuff with my style, trying to make backgrounds/props more intentional (not sure if it really translated in this drawing but i'll get better with time!)

wow i finally remembered to do ! here's a glimpse into a pretty ordinary monday 🀠
(i'm putting the full comic up on my kofi)

hey everyone! i just reopened my etsy shop and put up a bunch of fun stickers and prints (here's just a sneak peek)!
i'm pretty proud of all of the work i've put up, would love if y'all checked it out 😌
the link is in my bio!

got commissioned to draw the robert pattinson tracksuit meme, which was incredibly fun :^) if anyone would like a little print of this pls let me know, im planning on making a few

delicious 🍳
i bought some mini canvases and have been really excited to paint on them! starting off with egg, of course.

anyone have any graphic novel suggestions? recently finished reading this one summer by mariko tamaki and through the woods by emily carroll

i had done this as a drawing in my sketchbook a while ago, digitized it today! 🍊

⭐ Tiger ⭐ A cat for my zine 'Wild Cats' ~ The tiger is the largest of all cats and can be found throughout Asia, where it has played a central role in belief systems for thousands of years.

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