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I guess I should do an !
I'm Morgan, and I do a lot of different types of art--mostly digital visual art, because that's what I have the time/equipment/privacy to do, but I also have plenty of traditional art, and I do videos, music, and textile arts when I have the opportunity.
This space will be mostly dedicated to my visual art, but I have my PeerTube in bio for when I put videos up there!

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Details on commissions here:
Realized I probably should have posted this on my, uh, *art* profile!
But I'm open for drawn, painted, knitting, and sewing commissions!

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@commissions Note I'm also 100% willing to do simpler (and cheaper) commissions, like sketches and stuff, but those would probably go through Ko-Fi or something because I don't have a Fiverr gig up for that

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So I've updated my spotfund with details about commissions and a potential job (which will hopefully make the spotfund not necessary, but we will see)
Again, fiverr commissions also really help and you get some cool art too! I'm trying to get at least $100 before withdrawing just in case there are fees for every withdraw

I am more excited abt this one tho bc it's a lot easier to show that what I thought at the time was False and I feel different now
like I can have this huge dissonance between the lyrics and the visuals and it still makes sense

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This was an illustration for a game by Tapps games. I always wanted the opportunity to illustrate some pirates hahah

y'all 🥺 (not mine, just a creator I follow and I think these are really cute and you should use them to put axolotls in your video game)

I got to do a wonderful bunch of commissioned work for Motosuwa of their Shiba Inu and I couldn't be more delighted to draw me some cute puppers<3

Go check out Motosuwa here:

okay soo I put up a gig on fiverr because I'm hoping it can reach some people who actually have money lol
I don't expect any of y'all to buy it but could you share if you know anyone who's looking for an illustrator?

update re: request for help 

@mutualaid still waiting on financial aid and I'm actually not sure I'm gonna get any so that's terrifying! I'm gonna be applying for more jobs, and I'm taking commissions on but I'm not putting that money as an offline donation or whatever bc technically $2000 is less than I owe on my credit cards (again, for groceries)
it all helps, as would sharing my Patreon and Fiverr with ppl who have money and like art!

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okay what if I streamed doodling related to the conversation while my fiancee infodumps about MTG

I've made an art zine! It's called the Book of Black Cats. In it you can see 26 ink black cat drawings I did last year for black cat October (they are on my other social media already), exclusive text and also the micro comic I did recently.

I'm currently doing pre-orders for the zine on my ko-fi page! Pre-orders will end midday BST on Friday the 16th of September, details on the page! I'll release an e-book version later!

Baby is born, I'm home from my sister's, and I will be reopening Fiverr commissions tomorrow! Meeting the little bundle of joy has helped lift me out of my depressive episode, but I've had quite the week and I am exhausted so I'm giving myself a day to relax back into my usual setting!

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A very cozy new mushroom light right up for autumn season! The pair called "Feuerlinge" are casts of real mushrooms, have a dark orange color and also shine warm brown-orange when switched on. Cables and batteries are hidden inside the wood.

Price CHF 130.- (about 135 USD), shipping INCLUDED!

If you live in Switzerland or near Europe it's cheaper. Please just ask.

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