Hello!! I'm opening comms for 100x100 pixel icons for $15

Sharing is much appreciated ❤️ Additional details to follow

Also if my cutesy stuff isn't your style, please check out my friend's art! Would best describe it as feeling like... vintage dolls in an abandoned church

He goes by @atelierapricity here but other ways to contact:
DISCORD - Lio#3010

Original commission thread:

@atelierapricity boosting this again as my friend needs raise money for rent soon

Turnaround will be fast!
You will receive:
- transparent and with solid background images
- in 1x and 4x size
- all of my love

You can request (negotiable):
- specific pose (no extra)
- extra props/items/pets
- repeating pattern bg
- simple animation (blinking, hair moving, pupply slobbering)

you can dm here or email me at:

@ramskulls @mint us adorbs,

probably the green hair that threw me off ;)

@maloki @mint oh i see!! hehe yes mint is very adorbs :D the greenhaired girl is my very own cerise and i love her very much

@ramskulls @maloki oh hey, u haven't drawn mint but u did do these chibis for me a while back. nice to see u on mastodon o/

@mint @maloki ohhh i remember these!! i had a lot of fun with them ::tialove:

@ramskulls Custom made? Think you would be interesting in making something we could use to represent qoto?

@freemo yes, custom made! they do require reference images to work off of, though, the price doesn't include design. hope this answers your question!

@ramskulls Would our current logo be an OK reference image and just make it into a fun cartoonized version?

@ramskulls For reference here is our current logo. If its something your down for I'd be happy to pay the fee + tip:

@freemo I'll have to think about it! it's not something that i normally do. i hope that's fine!

@ramskulls Of course, its your art, your happiness. I just wanted to help support you so figured id offer, let me know.

@freemo that is incredibly generous of you, thank you so much for the support. ;w; i really appreciate it!

@ramskulls NP, I figure if we had some of your work as our logo it might get you some attention too and more buyers.. though its not entierly selfless it would be cool too ;)

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