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Hello! I'll be taking a short break over the weekend but progress will resume on Monday (or Sunday depends when I come back)

Just really need a recharge after review + comms + being a lil homesick

Made an airtable to check progress, viewable here:

Next batch will probably be in Feb! I'll try to make other options available then as well ^___^

Let me know if you have any feedback or concerns! Thanks!

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Also if my cutesy stuff isn't your style, please check out my friend's art! Would best describe it as feeling like... vintage dolls in an abandoned church

He goes by @atelierapricity here but other ways to contact:
DISCORD - Lio#3010

Original commission thread:

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Hello!! I'm opening comms for 100x100 pixel icons for $15

Sharing is much appreciated ❤️ Additional details to follow

me, almost midnight, wakes up in a cold sweat: mom said it's my turn on the sexuality

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let's do thiiiis keep the suggestions coming :happey:

oh btw idk if u can rly read the @ below so here's a link to the artist who created the template!

hello stinkos

my art is bad and so i have decided to draw over old art to make me feel better

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sis: *pointing to a picture of earth* hey Uranus is kind of cute it looks like Earth

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also goma made a :minthappy:

i did not specifically ask for Aqua!Mint but i won’t say no to more #art of her

wtf i found someone who was at the same place we were playing dnd in


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lowkey installed a dating app bc im ace but not aro. how tf do i do this 💀

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set a reminder on your phone to flip your mattress every 90 days!

don't flip it over like a hamburger. instead spin it 180 degrees so that what was once the head of the bed is now the foot

this will increase the evenness of your mattress' wear and, thus, the life of your mattress!

(source: used to sell mattresses)

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I never erase my notifications. I’ve kept every boost and fave. They mean so much to me

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