blood and blood stains 

the prompt for the design was these four emojis: 🐟🌈☂️🐚

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blood and blood stains 

from a cursed character design study session >:)

Substitute Magical Girl panel provided without context (1)

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Here's a little sketch that I made a few days ago for @ramenliker 's webcomic Substitute Magical Girl!

I hope you enjoy :] 💕

My internet craps out the day of The Elongeddon. Because of course it does 🙄

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Hi yall, guess im gonna give this a try! Im Renie, She/They, and I make the webcomic Kate Blast! You can read it at !

Got a series in the making about a trans magical girl and her dubious leader, a possessed can of soup. Drops early 2023!!! :heart_sp_trans:

Hi im new to mastodon! 2019 vs 2022 - then and now. Not very far, but hoping to go further!


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