The nib on my tablet pen has almost run out and I thought I'd have to buy a new one, but I just found out this tablet has a couple of extra nibs hidden in the back, merry christmas to me :D

God I hate colds so much. They're never serious enough to be worth taking a day off but they kick my ass every time. When will my ability to breathe through my nose return from war

One of the best tricks I ever learned for more realistic colouring is to paint everything in grayscale and then put a solid color layer over it at the end. For some reason it's so much easier (for me at least) to pick the right values when I don't have to worry about hue on top of it

looking up references for feathers and I've found so many beautiful birds I didn't know about 💖💖💖

foxes have such an excellent leg to body ratio

So Windows updated... and now if I plug my tablet in, the keyboard stops working D:

It's way too late to deal with this mess, I'm going to sleep.

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Inktober is over... i can go back to being a digital artist...woah...*tears up*

Turns out I managed a total of 15 ink drawings this month... hey, considering my tendency to procrastinate, one every two days is not so bad! 😅

Happy Halloween! And happy last day of to all who participated! I hope everyone had fun, I know I did :D Even if I wasn't able to draw something every day, it was still great practice.

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Me at grocery store: “Lol snapdragon apples. There’s a dragon on the sign! Lol they think I am going to buy these because there’s a dragon on it.”

Me @ checkout buying them: “I wanted apples and they were the closest apples, it’s not because of the dragon branding.”

Me eating one: “This apple tastes better because there was a dragon on the sign and that means it’s for dragons”

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🌟 Commissions Open! 🌟

I have some unexpected expenses this month so I'm opening up emergency ! See examples below (and more on my page)

- Bust for $25 / €23
- Full body for $35 / €32
- Payment through Paypal

DM me or send me an email at if you're interested!

Sharing helps too! 💙


Today's inktober special is inspired by this wonderful short story by @vicorva about a cat who finds its way into a dragon's hoard:
Go check out her writing! :tialove:

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Of all the social networks I've tried over the years, mastodon is the only one that consistently results in positive experiences :tialove: (admittedly, this may also be because I've got better at interacting with people since then)

I'm trying to learn how to paint proper backgrounds, starting small by using photos as reference. Critique welcomed and encouraged.


Youtube just decided to recommend me Subnautica videos and now I'm remembering how much I wanted to play it when it came out. Unfortunately I'm just as broke as I was back then.

Does anyone know of a good Subnautica let's play? (preferably with minimal amounts of yelling and/or monkeying around)

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