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i'm an illustrator that shitposts and stuff like that.
check me out in deviantart, instagram and behance with the same handle (@rajavlitra)!

Hello, people.

The campaign page has more information, but the gist is that I am in immediate danger from the person whom I live with, who is aggressive, abusive and a literal Nazi. My mental health is at an all-time low and until my paperwork gets processed by the state, the only option for me to survive is to reach out to the community.

Any little bit helps.
Please share far and wide, I need all the help I can get.

Thank you.

Hey, if you haven't, and you want to, maybe make today the day you send some money to an artist.

Buy an album
Buy an art
Order a commission
See a show

It's hard enough out there

You are allowed to do stuff just because you want to.

Even if it uses up all your spoons/matches.

Even if it leaves your exhausted and broken the next day.

Even if you need to let other stuff slide a bit while you recover.

You are allowed to have fun, to go out, to take a day once in a while and do what you want with it.

Being #disabled, or #chronicallyill, or a #parent, etc doesn't mean you can't take time for you.

(I needed to hear this today, so I figured other folks might too.)

Here's a guide to those icons:

:cc_cc: - Creative Commons
:cc_by: - attribution
:cc_sa: - share alike
:cc_nd: - no derivatives
:cc_nc_us: :cc_nc_eu: :cc_nc_jp: - non-commercial
:cc_zero: :cc_pd: - public domain
:cc_remix: - remix
:cc_share: - share

Why does my android have chrome as default I want to replace it with mozilla

Like here's the thing, this tradition has passed on to modern times with the hindus

Fun fact every ancient civ paints their statues including the gold ones


mayat kruangbiyan, a predecessor of the mute, frequent smoker, expert witch and notorious womanizer.

"Listen to the crunching,
Music of the crashing,
Mopeds all around her.
Painted with the burning,
Powders of exotic,
Funerals that surround her"

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