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after going through the zls tag now ive seen other people have also drawn kotaro referencing let's go lesbians and i think that's beautiful

also found this wip sketch! i was planning to make one of those horizontally scrolling videos that told a story but i guess i totally forgot about it hah
i kinda want to finish it now...

going through some old art and found a good minato

listening to a podcast about the paranormal and the audio starts to distort and freak out randomly in the middle? are the sound editors trying to screw with the audience or is my phone being spooky? 🤔

i'm gonna fix my sleeping schedule! (proceeds to write down a story idea and adds to it for the next few hours)

i left my computer to make rice and when i came back there was an update that made it restart and i lost about 30 minutes of work...ah

my dog owns the full-sized bed i only sleep on the edges

gonna seeeee into the spider-verse in a few days excited excited exciteddd

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i'd love to see TRI4TH live some day i bet it'd be amazing ㅠㅠ

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drawing mindmaps of my ocs with small faces and this is the only worthy one

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