the preview...lmfao im getting one for myself
here is a link
ill prob make an actual post later once i get more random designs up on my acc

bs aside i forgot to add it. it's done now

there is no tower because the tower was you all along

making sticker design for all you computer owners out there

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It's my birthday! That means you have to boost my art.

Upper Moon six - Gyutaro

i got 1 dollar in total from selling my steam trading cards, you could say im quite the business person

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:ko_fi: Ko-Fi Donation Sketchies!

Hello I'm offering thank-you for over a certain amount!

Please consider donating here:

Boost appreciated!

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Heyo I just got a thermos and I would love to decorate it with some stickers! If you have a redbubble or are selling them yourself, please link below and I’ll see if anything interests me! Don’t worry if you have nothing dishwasher resistant cause this thermos needs to be hand cleaned.

vrchat highlights today:
- persona dance room
- titanic re-enactment
- live guitar performance
- human chain train

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making roughs instead of attempting to finish a whole piece to try to get more comfortable with the process in general

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