@strawberry 's oc ghost
i had to try drawing him..! i really like his design

aggretsuko s2 

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I would like to properly introduce my tall robot child, Ghost. I'm really proud on getting a fullbody design for him lol

spent some time petting a neighborhood cat ☺️


watched some naruto eps w my friend and she last stopped on the sasori fight. it was 90% grimacing and internal dialogue/narration of what's happening.. i remember why i never bothered to finish so long ago when it stopped airing on cn lol

getting overly emotional after listening to the remastered version for the millionth time

the only song ive ever cried really hard at was living/breathing by mesita.. idk what my life would be if i never listened to it

today had really nice weather; hearing rustling leaves and feeling the breeze through an open window is a sensory experience i could live in forever

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every time i try to make a proper oc ref sheet my hands forget how to draw

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me when it's 3PM and my brain has completely shut the fuck down at the grocery store


it's up for now! i might add more options (like hair) but it's good enough for what i need atm

randomization is working well! this is fun
everyone's bald since i haven't added any hair choices yet lol
gotta add more skin colors and clothing options and i think i'll be finished

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