idk why i thought it was a good idea in the previous times i went to lecture to sit at the front knowing how little sleep i was running on
it was a struggle to keep my eyes open and eventually i got called on purpose and looked like a complete clown :,^)

shoulda slept a few hrs ago but man i really enjoyed jus chilling and not thinkin abt anything else this whole time. i'm gonna be drowsy during my lecture tmrow... again...

woke up from nap cos of meowing and went out in the dark to pet the stray cat again... he likes to sit under the car

dogs know how to make anything they rest on so comfy looking

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idk if i'm allowed to be in this room im in but the door was unlocked and it's pretty isolated/silent in here 👍 plus seems like all the offices around it are empty

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when i pack myself lunch i feel like a mouse planning for a picnic in the fields

the action is.... a little too fast i think

finally made a comfortable workspace to animate in in krita, here's today's practice

gotta do a full clean of my keyboard sometime this week

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Sketch of a drawing with a new cast of characters, because I don't have enough on my plate and I never will

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