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nevermind it didn't last long
alone + night is never a supporting combination

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IT'S SPOOKY GAME NIGHT using my bro's copy of outlast 2

me seeing my dog sleepy: man now i wanna take a nap
mom: you just woke up two hours ago though
me: yes and :)

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workin on that vrc model made me learn a bunch of other random blender stuff i was too hesitant to try before and everything's starting to feel comfy

alright probably just gonna start some hw now rather than sleep. i'll finish today's tasks super early, take a nap, then maybe fix my model. or play games if i dont wanna use my brain

the only part that's messed up is the face texture and the shoe i apparently didn't weight paint enough LOL
i'm keeping this one as a souvenir though

jump scares are spooky sure but the real good quality spookage occurs in atmospheric horror

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a part of me really wants to be spooked but also another large part is chicken

when i see spooky game 

JUST DO IT just buy the spooky horror game GO dont think about it no hesitation Go gogogo do it do it

my ass everytime launching vrc knowing fully well my planned "2 hour limit" will end up as the usual 8 hour session: :)

early sunrise emo post 

my brain feels foggy 24/7 and thoughts are too much effort. ik this is classic depression shit but rrrrhegrhrh *snaps tree in half*

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repetitive, early sunrise emo post 

i need to care about my life i need to care about my life i need to care about my life


i put leftovers from my mom's cooking or takeout in it too and bam that's an auto meal

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ive been eating my own wraps all week and the week before and all i want to eat are more wraps. theyre just so quick and good. hummus is essential

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