i met a lot of cool people though and had fun so being bad didnt matter

i played so many mmorpgs in elem/middle school and sucked at every single one of them. every time a game would try to teach me enchanting or other shit my brain would eject from my head

the intended way to read it is look my eyes but i was legitimately confused for a solid minute

idk when the last time i played a mainline game was

seeing trainer cards make me wanna play pkmn too ;_;


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i feel like cool is an understatement... each frame can be a separate illustration on its own

minor spoiler 

klaus is out on netflix rn! just watched it and the animation was so cool

|🍀☘🌿 🐈 🌱☘|.

the arches ended up evenly spaced out which surprised me cause i just eyeballed whatever block distance and hoped it would work out and. well. satisfaction

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