i drew my Nerevarine, Natavi. he's a trans man, and part dunmer, part altmer. just he's a nightblade with one brain cell!

a nostalgic memory of catching and playing with tadpoles, while returning from school. the paddy fields used to have millions of them. Exploring some brushes and painterly style in Krita.

The joy of mixing color on canvas is truly amazing and Krita highlights that aspect very much even in digital space.

Artwork is under CC-BY-SA-4.0, source file can be downloaded from - box.raghukamath.com/cloud/inde

-school -BY

Tried to use different Desktop environment for a change, but i am so addicted to plasma workflow and features of apps that i revert back due to withdrawal symptoms

Community member Bri recently started doing her live stream of image editing again!

It also happens that she’s doing a giveaway of her old camera to help new users! Head over to her Patreon and check out the details to enter!


You don’t have to be a pledge to enter, but she’s super cool and helping others - so kick in a bit if you can spare it!

#foss #freesoftware #photography #artwithopensource

I am not that good at talking, but I thought I should share a recent interview of mine - freetalk.show/005/

Sebastian Labi will present Krita at the University of La Plata, Argentina: krita.org/en/item/krita-at-the (English, español)

Next week in Toronto: a free training (at the public library) in learning digital painting with Krita. startupheretoronto.com/event/t

short animation I did with pepper and carrot comic characters @davidrevoy @Krita

Krita's "Squash All the Bugs!" campaign starts this Saturday: help the team squash bugs, donate to the fundraiser, and make @krita even more awesome.


Are there any artists here that use Linux to do all their artwork in?

I know this is a tech related question but I'm just curious. Does anyone havevexperience on this?

@Wolthera thanks for mentioning. @tOPenArt I use only Linux and free software tools to make my art and living from it. If you have any doubts for making the switch, please feel free to ask. I'll try my best to answer them.

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