If anybody is interested in translating into their native language or improve the existing translations. I have written a guide for you.

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@raghukamath Oof, they don't make it easy, huh D:

I wonder how easy it would be to make the Krita localization data work with something like Weblate, so that people can contribute more easily. The git contribution cycle is a wall for many would-be localization contributors, since it's too much work to set up when people might just want to contribute a few strings.

@eishiya There are talks to make it easier like using git instead of svn or weblate, but it mostly boils down to what the current volunteers want and what advantages the new system will bring. It is a long discussion you can check it out in the mailing list :) But this method is the easiest one in my opinion once you set it up it is just easy as opening lokalize and adding translation.

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