To people leaving Whatsapp for Signal or Telegram. It is good that you are migrating but I am sure this is just another hyped temporary migration similar to one that you people did when migrating from twitter to mastodon. After 2-3 months you'll be back where you were.

For one thing it was really funny when you started introducing yourself on mastodon thanks for ruining the peace here momentarily.

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@raghukamath I think personal messengers are different. As soon as you have 5 conversations with friends you won't just uninstall it like you forget your account on that other social networking website. But we'll see. :)

@hexmasteen @raghukamath the inertia of business accounts and admin-post-only accounts on Whatsapp is great. For a while, people may just keep both.

@raghukamath why such contempt for newcomers?
Are people not allowed to seek and try out mastodon even if they do not know much about it?
I trust it's easier to make people learn new ways to behave here if we show that we understand this is new to them, show goodwill and explain the difference.
I'm afraid how well or badly new arrivals take place tells at least as much about how well we behave than about how well newcomers do.
Let's not forget we're all humans here and we all make mistakes.

@tfardet Oh don't misunderstand me. I am all for people who will choose mastodon and stay here. I am also okay if they are staying on twitter or whatever app they like. All I am saying is that it was not a genuine migration. It was just a show. And it was really spammy and stupid when Indian people showed up en masse only to leave mastodon after 1-2 months. I am not going to waste my time for a bunch of people who would not be here in the community later. They were here just because of the hype

@tfardet I mean it is good to migrate, they should stay here too. And my last experience didn't show that they are willing to stay. So this time I am not wasting efforts on these people.

@raghukamath I think we should ask ourselves why they don't.
I understand that it can feel like a lot of effort for little or no result and of course you're free to use your time as you see fit.
But I'm not fond of expressions like "wasting time on them" because I fear it sounds very harsh, even aggressive...

@tfardet Well it is my opinion. you may disagree and you are free to help anyone. I am just stating that I won't be helping any person who is not respecting my time. If they genuinely feel like migrating sure I will help them. And I don't know how it is contempt or harsh to not want to waste your time.

@tfardet to give you a context I was talking about Indian people migrating to from twitter because twitter banned some person and these people were here to make a point and protest against twitter. Well good they have that right. But they promptly went straight back to same twitter later :). Which is also fine. But only that now I feel foolish to welcome these people because they just used my time to make their point and were not here to stay.

@raghukamath yes, I remember that moment.
And I understand your point.
It's just that these days I'm feeling that positions on the Fediverse are getting more extreme towards... well everything...
This is why I just wanting to warn people about using language that may feel very strong for those it is aimed at.
But maybe I'm just becoming hypersensitive... I just wish I saw goodwill and kinder words more often

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