I am liking a rpg game. Seems like a good sunday/saturday night activity. Anybody else playing this?

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@raghukamath The screenshots ont the page looks good! I'll bookmark and try it somwhere next month after ep34 prod. Thanks for sharing.

Ping @cwebber : the link to the FLOSS game above reminds me our PM discussion around 2D pixel-art or 3D RPGs. I haven't thought about an in-between solution: Voxel 3D. Maybe it is easier for a community (with a good editor) to create voxel props/assets than making 3D polygon-based textured models... (just random material for thoughts. 😉)

@davidrevoy @cwebber

Oh I played it and it is indeed very cool. Although it is good to play in group other wise you are just wandering in crowd :D Let me know if anyone has time so we can play together.

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