If you've ever wondered why people say tools like Scribus aren't ready for professional production work let me share this blog post by @davidrevoy


This should be a slam dunk. David knows what he's doing and One Bookshelf provides instructions that clearly show how to produce a PDF to their specifications.

We need to do better, folks. Color Profiles that work for everyone except FOSS tools are unacceptable. Period. There are no excuses for this.


@craigmaloney @davidrevoy

While reading this thread you'll see the issue, (I am guilty of it too) you will see often that the discussion about creative tools in the foss forum often steers towards technical aspect and goes into the developer centric talk. This shows a lack of empathy and a lack of acceptance of the fact that now foss has people with other fields too.

If developers do want their software to be used by users then they need to include their users in the process.

@craigmaloney @davidrevoy , but i believe with more artists coming to FOSS this is slowly changing and projects are listening to them, even if the process is slow we do see improvements.

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