KDE has migrated to GitLab! Most projects are now hosted on KDE's own GitLab instance located at


Read more about how it went and what it means for you at


Here's GitLab's blog post with more details on the move:


I am slowly trying to shift towards using RSS feeds again. Even after all these years of web changing and evolving it has stayed good and simple without much hoopla.

freshrss.org is a good self hosted rss feed aggregator service, I like it.

Watching Anbe Sivam once again very refreshing theme and concept, atleast better than no logic bollywood movies.

My very non-glamorous boring and simple workstation for working from home.

Feeling good and proud to see a billboard artwork made by our studio in and software displayed across Mumbai & India

The #kritachallenge Monthly Drawing Challenge has a new home! It is now hosted in the new krita-artists.org forum.

The topic for December is still "inversion".

Join now in the new forumsat

Sharing some textures that I have made while working on various projects. All are under CC-BY-SA license so feel free to re-use, modify and share -


A poster we did for Mtv India Biryani Emoticon campaign. These were done roughly along the style of propaganda posters - This is done with completely Open Source Software. #advertising #birds #biryani #chicken #emoticon #food #illustration #krita #mtv #propaganda #viacom
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