My very non-glamorous boring and simple workstation for working from home.

Feeling good and proud to see a billboard artwork made by our studio in and software displayed across Mumbai & India

The #kritachallenge Monthly Drawing Challenge has a new home! It is now hosted in the new forum.

The topic for December is still "inversion".

Join now in the new forumsat

Sharing some textures that I have made while working on various projects. All are under CC-BY-SA license so feel free to re-use, modify and share -

A poster we did for Mtv India Biryani Emoticon campaign. These were done roughly along the style of propaganda posters - This is done with completely Open Source Software. #advertising #birds #biryani #chicken #emoticon #food #illustration #krita #mtv #propaganda #viacom

What operating systems do you use?

Indian politics, twitter 

Join the collaborative virtual plein air painting exercise on . Choose a street view paint it in Krita and post on the forum with link to the location.

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