Haven't touched my webcomic in weeks and I don't feel guilty 😅

Finally learning to be nicer to myself ✌️ ✨

Nailed it 😤 ✌️ ✨

Pouring my heart out on tumblr and twitter while drawing BNHA fan art 💦 ✨

It's on mastodon that I started learning sharing more about how i feel. THANKS MASTODON 💖 💖 💖

My current dilemma is making them technologically advanced enough to make snazzy clothes but not so much that a rigid hierarchy isn't necessary anymore 💦

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Hey orc fans! I'm finally starting to serious work on my original universe ✨ ✨ ✨

My second one was the BNHA Slumber Party zine 🌚 💫

Didn't think I'd actually pull this one off when I started the sketch! It's good to experiment outside your comfort zone!

My contribution to the Persona 5 Shapeshifter zine 🕺

Back when I finished it, I already found the colors pretty meh and it's even hard to look at it now 💦 STILL! it's my very first zine and our mod is sooooo nice!

Drew my webcomic characters with more realistic faces ✨ ✨ ✨

I'm doing it! I'm doing one panel a night! Jobs are magic ✨

Voanio On Her Way To Steal Yo Heart 🕶

Watched a romcom with a matriarchal setting but really, it was just a a patriarchy flip (identical with the genders flipped) and that's just so lazy 😤

Still, it motivated me to start working on my original matriarchal modern orc society again 👏

My Hero Academia commissions are the best commissions~
(jk, all commissions are the best ✨ people are paying me to draw stuff 😚 that's crazy)

and when I'm sad, I draw ☀️ URARAKA☀️ UWAAAAH!!

I was going to draw Cornelia for the WITCH set but then I realized I don't want to draw Cornelia! 😬

So I drew Toph instead! I like Toph ❤️ 💪

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