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i see a lot of people talking about their OCs so here are two of mine!

Voanio and Papango (really wonder how you guys pronounce that in your heads) are the main problem childs of me webcomic

mastodon.art/media/tKheZjiNSpK mastodon.art/media/LZyPCWXMnhv

@radogasy i adore your style, your art is gorgeous and so much fun!!

@radogasy Voanio was like volcano with an ee-oo at the end.
Having trouble with Papango because I want to put in another syllable and say Papa-an-go (Papa and go like the english words, an like and)

@aldersprig Wow! You 100% nailed Voanio! 😮 I am shook 👏 👏 👏

Papango is pronounced Papa'n'goo so you almost got that one too!

incidentally, Voanio means 🌴 coconut and Papango means 🦅 sparrowhawk

and here i was planning to make a long elaborate video with some friends as voice actors to explain how to pronounce the names

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