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Rad @radogasy@mastodon.art

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ANYWAY!! Since it seems that it's still gonna take a while before webcomic-ing starts paying the bills, I'm opening commissions again! With shiny new styles and prices ✨ ✨ ✨

Message me or email me at radogasy@gmail.com for the details ✌️

mastodon.art/media/Ha3sIv-_WKf mastodon.art/media/WuTGOQD7B26

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Still have trouble believing we'll get to see Infinity War at the same time as everyone else because we finally have a legit theater 📽

And I'll get to pay for it with comic money ✨ ✨ ✨ what a time to be alive~

Nope! it's starting to get too uncomfortable!

Bed time 💤 good night, mastodon!

My eyes are starting to hurt a bit but I want to finish this panel 👀

Does turning down the screen brightness help in those cases or will that just worsen things?

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Did a new avatar for my social web thingies, me being a little orcish

if you want to support me via liberapay, patreon or ko-fi =D



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I'm so much more talkative on mastodon!

My attitude on other platform is pretty much "here's some drawings, i guess... 😕 "

I was going to draw Cornelia for the WITCH set but then I realized I don't want to draw Cornelia! 😬

So I drew Toph instead! I like Toph ❤️ 💪

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✨Black Current's first posting!
I planned on pust posting 4 panels--but! ya'll get 5 instead!
Going to try and update BC every Monday.


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hello Mastodon! For my first post, here are some old doodles of a DnD character of mine. She's in the works for a newer design tho.

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Id love to do some worl fo warcraft characters commissions hhh I love drawing people characters? Or even art trades tbh. Or even art for free. I love wow. Okay. I love drawing characters in wow. Okay? Okay.

I'm so out of it that every time I look at my comic, I'm like "Wha- Who drew this? How? I don't even- "

I'm making a press kit for my comic and I'm starting to buy into the pretentious paragraph of purple prose I'm writing about myself 😂

Maybe I'm not so bad, after all 🙃

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Comics.Town is currently in Invite-Only Mode, so if you'd like to join DM this account!

today, i want to try drawing and not be an ass to myself while i do it

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i'm an illustrator that shitposts and stuff like that.
check me out in deviantart, instagram and behance with the same handle (@rajavlitra)!

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Apparently I haven't taken a single selfie since September. Wild!