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ANYWAY!! Since it seems that it's still gonna take a while before webcomic-ing starts paying the bills, I'm opening commissions again! With shiny new styles and prices ✨ ✨ ✨

Message me or email me at radogasy@gmail.com for the details ✌️

mastodon.art/media/Ha3sIv-_WKf mastodon.art/media/WuTGOQD7B26

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Character designs for a short comic that I will do that has a vampire in it! CAN YOU GUESS WHO IS THE VAMPIRE?

Do you guys have pinterest lookbook boards for your OCs? ✨
That stuff is so wholesome!!

She is sooooo good 😭 ✨
I hope I can make stuff half as marvelous as this someday

If you guys like musical animatics and haven't seen Claudia Cacace's Be More Chill work, you need to check it out right now coz it's off the hook! 😱 🔥

Drew my webcomic characters with more realistic faces ✨ ✨ ✨

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Next-generation nutrition. Choose your goal. Get started. 🍎 metabolicengineering.business.

Metabolic engineering pushes bio-hacking into a sustainable, effective framework. We use your body's facts and figures—internal, external, and environmental—to control for negative influencers; promote the positive; and in the long run, push good into better. Then best. ♥️ 💊 💪

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Not sure how this site works but I'll get there eventually.. how's it going? I'm an oc enthusiast that like to doodle!

Seriously, why am I so much more motivated now? human nature is so mysterious~

I'm doing it! I'm doing one panel a night! Jobs are magic ✨

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finally i can post this one. it kiiiiinda paints him cooler than he actually is, but here he is nonetheless, in his entire tortured oracle glory #creativetoots #mastoart

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Voanio On Her Way To Steal Yo Heart 🕶

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i thought i uploaded this to here?? but apparently not. (but if I did already whoops)

But hey!! illustrator here looking for work! finally moved out of my troubeling situation but, in the mean time im looking for part-time work in the city.

email me at pdcommissions@gmail.com if youre interested/need a quote

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psa everyone please feel 1400% free to show me/tell me about your OCs at any time, @ me whenever you want, I want to see them all 😎

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hiiii folks! I'm ellie and I'm a digital artist, I mainly do illustrations and character design, fanart and original. right now I'm mostly focusing on my sci-fi webcomic called Supernovas!😘

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Hi! Hello!!
I'm Mimi/Jowan & I'm super new here aaaa///

I draw sometimes and usually only my favorite water daughter witch OC, Katy!!! ✨ 💙 ✨

Do you guys know the youtube channel TierZoo? it's a super fun and original show to learn about animals and the audience is so loving and supportive 💖 warms my heart

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👋 hi what's up i'm here from @motion's very good tumblr presentation and im a big ol weeb that draws

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look at my loser nerd son i created for a sweet game of urban shadows eyyyy #mastoart #creativetoots