This one took a while, because I had trouble with the shading and ended up enlisting the help of @littletivor to help me figure out what was the light even Doing.
It turned into an exercise in shading/lightning and 's features haha.

Either way! More for the soul.


Yay, TodoDeku having fun at the beach, now my summer is complete! :blobsip:

The arms on the cuties look esp good and sculpted, they've been working out :blobhearteyes:

I also love the colour of the ocean, well done 👬 🌊

@Raizel it's a bit ironic I draw them in such a summer-like situation considering it's winter here and raining a lot 😆
They're stronk boys who deserve max effort in having their arms look stronk
Ahh thank you! doing background is really hard for me so I tried doing something simple and I'm glad it looks good!

@raayy Hehe maybe you unconsciously wish it to be warm then? :blobsurprised: :blobderpy:

You said it, they're such a tease in those vests though 💪 😊 😍

Yay, you're welcome, I wouldn't have guessed that, then simple just works
then :blobcheer2:

@Raizel Nah, I like the cold while it lasts (it's usually way too warm here) I think it was mostly because I didn't want to bother with clothes much and then it looked like a beach pic so I just... went for it 😆
That's true ❤️ gotta love their arms

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