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I'm usually too shy to talk about myself but I'll try an

I'm Ray and I write and draw when the motivation/inspiration strikes, which is really fickle and comes and goes as it pleases.
I'm currently very into BNHA, but I still love seeing things from many anime/manga and games.
I also have some original characters I love them dearly despite all their quirks. These arts are pretty old, but I still like them some.

A collab with
@littletivor in which he did the main lines (not the details) and left me to do the colouring and shading. Since he likes backlight so much, I experimented with it, and I really like the result. I Love purple themed characters So Much because I can just use so much purple

"And these are our region's specialities! You won't find better plums than our own!"
AU in which Shouto is a prince that grew isolated from his kingdom in his castle, and ran away for a day to get lost and be helped by poor boy Izuku, who is more than happy to help this "tourist"

They're gonna build even bigger defenses to their castle now, that it's inhabited!
I know it's been done a lot but, but little Izuku and Shouto being childhood friends is a trope that warms my heart. They're really just so cute.


A fun doodle that turned out really cute and made me go ahead to line (painful, this hair was painful to line) and colour it! Eri is such a cute girl. It was inspired by the outfit she wears to the school festival, but with my own take, like a second skin!

I had this scene in mind to use with a filter in krita, but the filter ended up not working out though it did give me this soft piece. I'm quite happy with drenched Midoriya, I really like his hair like this!

It has been a while since I did those two, and that could not stand. It was a really random process that made this picture, so I couldn't tell you what was up with it if I tried. I invite writers to think of a situation for them!

Take a load of this flaming dumpster. His design is so cool I really wanted to try drawing him, and as expected I regret bc of his thousands of piercings. But overall, it was fun, thanks to @littletivor again for helping with the fire!
I don't thiiink his design warrant any CW so I'm not putting any,, it's not overly detailed.

This took like, a week, but here it is. I got inspired by little witch charms at a book fair I went to, and wanted to do Ochako floating in space, and I got carried away ahaha.
Thanks to @littletivor for helping me with the background colours and little details!!

I tried drawing Shigaraki for once (without the extra hands because god damn hands) and I really liked the result. I challenged myself to use only one brush for the entire painting and it was quite fun.

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I'll probably do more to this one day but for now it's done as it's going to get.

I'm still not sure if I'm satisfied or not with the picture, BUUUT. I've messed too much with it already. I wanted to do a very soft picture of Todoroki Rei, and I think at the very least, it is pretty soft.

I spent WAY too long on this, but hey, worth it for TodoIzuOcha. I saw the pose in here and got so tempted to put my OT3 in the same pose, that I challenged myself to it.

I noticed I didn't have any good finalized picture of Tamaki, and so I decided to have one... And then I added Nejire because she's so cute.
They're shopping, but what for?

This is a fanart for a fanfic, "Above The Horizon" by
cartoonation at Archive of our own!
I love merfolk and I wanted to try doing it, even going so far to ask for a reference for the Shouto and Izuku from the author haha. The lightning was a challenge.
The pose reference is from here: !

Because I'm helping set up a BNHA roleplaying server set in HP world, I got the urge to do more of Gryffindor Midoriya. I'm pretty happy with the hair this time around! I'll let you guess what he's looking at

A cyberpunk design of Izuku I did with @littletivor I had fun imagining the design, it was inspired in his hero costume and the full gauntlet support item.

A fanart for the fanfic Not All Guardian Angels Have Feathers, by the lovely CrzA on Ao3!
I just love her design of demon Shouto and wanted to try a hand at it. It was supposed to be more relaxing but the wings were a challenge haha.

This is a piece I did for an event held on bird site and tumblr, the TodoDeku Festival Week.
This is for Day 7, prompt: Stars/Love.

In before I drew too many night skies, I decided to take a different approach to this one. My favourite bit is the close up in their eyes with a reflection of the stars (which is not realistic but I’m taking artistics license here).

This is a piece I did for an event held on bird site and tumblr, the TodoDeku Festival Week.
This is for Day 6, prompt: Warmth.

Shading, lightining, background, which are all weaknesses of mine, I did it without checking in with @littletivor and it worked!
My idea for this was that Midoriya’s cuddling to Todoroki’s left side, on top of them being near a fireplace haha. (unconventional fireplace at that)

This is a piece I did for an event held on bird site and tumblr, the TodoDeku Festival Week.
This is for Day 5, prompt: Moonlight/Gaze.

Once again, many thanks to @littletivor for basically doing the background for me. He decided to teach me how to do something more sophisticated than usual and did this.
I think moonlight pictures are really pretty, so I tried to pick this theme for the day.

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