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I'm usually too shy to talk about myself but I'll try an

I'm Ray and I write and draw when the motivation/inspiration strikes, which is really fickle and comes and goes as it pleases.
I'm currently very into BNHA, but I still love seeing things from many anime/manga and games.
I also have some original characters I love them dearly despite all their quirks. These arts are pretty old, but I still like them some.

sketch dump!
I have no idea where this Shouto came from but I had a lot of fun drawing his eyes~
I had trouble drawing Kaminari and a friend suggested drawing a pikachu instead, so I did just that. So it became a cute pic.
And then some practice Tamaki sketches because he's in my top 3 fav BNHA characters!

Another illustration for the latest chapter of my fanfic. I didn't plan on finalizing it, but it was looking nice (and very Midoriya-like!) so I decided eh I'll line and colour it. Midoriya's holding an adorable plusheen! He's holding this one:

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Because of the defunding of
organizations and the lack of media coverage it’s hard to figure out what to do to help, but here’s what I’ve found out:

Sign the petition to Demand BlackRock stop financing Amazon destruction, they are a huge contributor to climate change

Sign with Brazil’s resistance and donate here:

Petition to stop the exploitation of the rainforest which you can sign:


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The Amazon rainforest has been burning for 3 weeks, the fires are raging so strong that cities kilometers away have been darkened by the ashes.

The current Brazil president, Jaír Bolsonaro, is a climate change denier, he’s withdrawn a lot of the protections that were in place to protect the rainforest, there is no official media coverage.

Fires are being started deliberately to illegally deforest indigenous land, people have died in the fires already Pataxó woman says

Some Midoriyas to go with the Todorokis I drew earlier- mainly an exercise in drawing Midoriya, his round face and big eyes are so troublesome for me to draww 😣 I'll keep trying to draw him better.

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Old Kofi request that took a while to get to so I went and fleshed it further than a sketch!

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I binged all of My Hero Academia over Christmas break and I've been slowly picking through the Manga now too. I am here for wholesome Ochaco/Izuku.

I struggled a bit with getting this one done, art is always evolving. ❤️

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Got busy doing a convention and stuff and then made some art because I finally played Deltarune! Going bananas with such saturated colors was fun, I really dig the dark world aesthetic.

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Yeah, sorry not sorry, can't wait for October so I can get back into My Hero Academia!

Had to draw Todoroki and Lord Murder Explosio- I mean Bakugou.

More doodles, this time of some boys I actually really like but never gave much attention to. Kaminari is my type completely, pretty and SO Stupid. Shinsou is purple, and... that is a one way ticket to my heart usually. I actually love his attitude and backstory too, tho I hated drawing his hair so much.

If you can't write your favourite boy for some reason... Draw him repeatedly until inspiration to write decides to come back!
Since I've drawn him smiling so often recently, I tried more expressions (or his default resting bitch face 😆 )

I just love these three a lot and haven't really gotten to finish a drawing of them yet, sooo... I tried again. Midoriya's so hard to get right, and so is Uraraka! I struggled a lot with her. Shouto's the only good boy of the bunch.
I just... love these 3 so much together... They're all so good for each other... I wish there was more fanfic of them.

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思い浮かんだから描いたけど・・・何だか悪い事をした感じがするのは・・・気のせいかな( 'ω')?

I totally forgot to post this in here, woops. Another scene from my fanfic I drew, in which Izuku compliments Shouto and he gets very embarrassed :tialove:
He's stained with paint and charcoal from his drawing~

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In before I did something way too similar to my previous pics of those two, I tried something different. I imagine the life of a Pro Hero is very full of horrors one must endure, and sometimes even the most positive ones breakdown a little. Good thing Midoriya has Todoroki to help! I'm also weak to Shouto growing out his hair when older...

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does anyone want to talk to me about / ? i binge read all of it recently haha .... i'm so soft for these kids

A gif of my Amrit, who is an AI and thus I had a little fun with his design. His haircolour is altered from his original programmed appearance, as is the wifi symbol on his cheek. And my favourite feature he also asked to be added on him is the Loading Eyes, whenever he gets focused or thoughtful, his eyes will light with a little loading circle. It's cute.

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