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A little She-Ra fan art—really enjoyed the new series so far, especially the relationship between these two. Where’s that season 2 announcement, Netflix? 😃

Busting out the airbrush again! My wife said this looks like Steven Universe fan art, which wasn’t intentional but I’m having a hard time arguing with.

A little winter landscape in gouache. This was going to be a study for a larger oil painting but I kinda like it as is 😊

This was done on 6x6 aquaboard, which I’m really loving for water-based paints! Not too expensive and absolutely no buckling or distorting.

Finished another page for my comic about my ongoing misadventures with raccoons in my back yard. Still bad at the suburbs!

My Bob Rossing has produced a finished painting! I’m happy with this one 😀 Some facts:
- Oil on canvas
- 18 x 24 in
- My 2nd finished oil painting ever
- Not actually based on a Bob Ross video
- Not the Bob Ross method (he does wet on wet, this is mostly wet on dry)
- Loosely based on a bad photo I took of a print in a doctor’s office
- The cloud shadows on the foreground trees were a happy accident
- Taking pics of shiny oil paintings is hard

As we move into a , please remember:

✨ The things you create bring joy to others; art makes life worth living
✨ At the same time, the things you create and how much you create don't define your worth. You are worthwhile simply for being you
✨ Take help when you need it, and give where you can. We're all in this together, so let's take care of each other.

You've made it through every year so far, and I'm so proud of you for it. I can't wait to see what you do!

2018. This year felt like a real leap forward for me artistically—I don't think I've produced this much artwork purely for enjoyment since I was in grade school, and it was really gratifying to watch my skills improve in real time. I've still got a ton to learn, but I'm more excited than ever to keep learning. Thanks for checking out my art, everyone! Here's to an awesomely creative 2019 :D

When you have a set of oil paints and some nice big canvases that you got for Christmas, it’s time to do some Bob Rossing.

Trying to get out of my comfort zone by doing more portraits, and this was the first I’d done in gouache in a while. Turned out decent, although I still need a lot more work! I’m going to look around for good life drawing workshops. This was based on an online image that I haven’t been able to find attribution for.

A little master study of a YouTube gouache demonstration by Yasser Fayad, with a number of my own added elements. It took a lot to resist adding a castle or dragon but I did it 💪

Fan art for Naomi Novik’s excellent Spinning Silver. Can’t really explain what’s going on without huge spoilers so read it if you haven’t already! 😀

A little digital sketch for an oil painting in progress. The sketch is actually partly a photo of the painting as I have it so far—I was impatient and tried to start without a preliminary sketch and it became clear very quickly that this was not going to go well 😛

It’s time I sat down and worked on some real anatomy—love my landscapes, but I need to get out of my comfort zone a bit! Andrew Loomis says you should draw a head every day so HERE’S YOUR HEAD, Loomis, I copied it from your book!


Almost gave up on this one, it wasn't really working for me. Then I pulled out the airbrush and *chef kiss*. Started out as a Bob Eggleton master study, although I simplified the composition a lot.

Getting in a nice afternoon snooze. Gouache painting based on a photo I took in the Beagle Channel.

mostly because I started practicing way, way more, but a couple things in particular helped a lot:
- I tried a new medium (opaque paint) after many years of staying in my comfort zone, which made me rethink basic assumptions I didn’t know I had.
- I started thinking less about lines and form and more about color and light. “Where is the light coming from?” became a key question for every piece. Using a small number of light sources is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve heard!

Working on a new comic! It’s about my ongoing misadventures with raccoons in my back yard. I am bad at the suburbs.

First time I’ve pulled out the iPad Pro in a while, and I’m glad I did! I was in a bit of a slump after I abandoned inktober due to shoulder pain. Feeling better now, and getting some of that inspiration back 😛

I’ve been more into traditional work lately, but I really love how I can make such thin bright highlights in digital work. Hard to do with paint!

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