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This is not technically for but I’ll use the hashtag anyway! It was actually high flow acrylic and watercolor, for an entry in the exquisite corpse my local comics group is doing. Read the full thing here!

I’ve had to take a good long break from thanks to shoulder pain, so I figured I’d post some ink sketches I did last month as a substitute. Enjoy!

This is definitely my weakest entry this year, partly due to shoulder pain that led me to rush through it. But the show will go on! I might skip a few of the prompts rather than trying to catch up and fit them all in. Some of them will be hard to fit into the story anyhow

Ok, I’m calling it! This is my first real-life finished oil painting. There are still things I’m tempted to fiddle with but I think it’s time to move on to my next attempt. Now that I have some actual confidence in my ability to handle oils, this should be a lot of fun 😃

In case you hadn't seen it, our anthology is now LIVE on Kickstarter :] One of the most fulfilling projects I've gotten to work on, so glad it's off and running!

Things going very badly for our snake friends. With fire. #Inktober 

Snakes! #inktober 

Happy everyone! I’m doing a storyline this time, so I decided to title it Poisonous after the first official prompt. Who else is joining the fun this year 🎃?

Inaugurating my new sketchbook with a stormy landscape painting in high flow acrylic. Keeping it squarely in my comfort zone, but hey.

Hey everyone, I guest hosted a comics podcast run by some cool friends! Check me out on Comics Adventures, waxing rhapsodic about , one of my favorite webcomics. I talk a little too fast. Enjoy!

Hey, this oil painting is starting to come together! The more I work on it, the more I come to understand why oil is such a favored medium. It’s a lot more forgiving than I thought at first, and you don’t need to wait for your current layer to dry to add more paint where you need it. And the blending is really really nice 😌

I'm a naturally lazy person, so I have to fight myself a lot to do the kind of disciplined things that make you a better artist. But I don't think I'll ever be able to sit down and make a color chart before I start a painting. More power to you patient people who can do that!

The first autumn chill hit today and it inspired me to some gothic imagery. Definitely ended up with a Castlevania vibe here. Gouache on paper.

Started to play around with oil paints again this evening. At first I got frustrated at how much the paint slid around on the primed linen, and how hard it was to control, but then I started blending it more softly and I had a click moment. That smoky halo effect around the tower, and the implied texture on the near hill to the right, would be really hard to achieve in water-based paint but oils made it easy.

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