Just picked up Xing: The Land Beyond on PS4 and am seriously loving these Myst vibes 🤩

@Algot I imagine that would vary pretty widely depending on the culture, though, wouldn't it?

@ExilianOfficial I'm not averse to putting a friendly spin on them if I can make a case for it!

@ExilianOfficial And ideally they should be human-sized or smaller so I can fit a large number of them in one composition :)

@ExilianOfficial I'm trying to put together creatures from all over the world, so any culture could work! Currently the group contains a pixie and an alux, so I have Celtic and Mayan folklore included so far.

Hey fediverse, I'm trying to think of some cool, obscure and friendly mythical creatures from existing folklore. The kind who could plausibly be friends of a young child. Anyone have any suggestions? :D

Quick digital painting inspired by a neighbor’s lamppost in the snow, which always makes me think of Narnia.

Study of a photo I took of the beagle channel, with the rowboat and the foreground basically made up. This was a fun one, and one of my better attempts at smooth blending in gouache.

That last Steven Universe episode has me feeling a lot of feelings. One of those is: more of Connie and her awesome new sword please.

Seascape in gouache. Really loving this aquabord, the roughness of the surface makes it easier to blend colors smoothly. And I find I work better with the small size, I don’t fuss too much over the details.

A little She-Ra fan art—really enjoyed the new series so far, especially the relationship between these two. Where’s that season 2 announcement, Netflix? 😃

@AlinaTheHedgehog It’s not meant to be anyone specific, but it ended up echoing her design (and so did the sky/space location)

Busting out the airbrush again! My wife said this looks like Steven Universe fan art, which wasn’t intentional but I’m having a hard time arguing with.

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