I’m enjoying Jedi: Fallen Order a lot, but I sure wish they’d let me customize my character.

Today is the final day of Deepworld, the steampunk MMO that I helped create with two friends over seven years ago. Although I haven’t been involved in the game for a while, it was nice knowing that it was still out there, offering its quirky mix of building mansions with your friends while fighting off floating brains. It taught me two of the most important lessons in life: if you can envision something, you can create it; and never try to make tiling graphics with hand-drawn crosshatching. RIP.

Kickstarter announcement incoming! My Chicago comics friends and I are putting together a new anthology, This Makes Me Sad—featuring my comic Star Sacrifice! I made a little gouache portrait of the protagonist (the comic is black and white, so this is her first appearance in color 🎨). She doesn’t look very sad at all, does she? 🧐 Back our comic to find out why!

Landscape sketch in procreate. I decided to make the requisite tiny person on the foreground something other than a cloaked figure with a walking stick for once 💃🏽

My comics friends and I are launching a Kickstarter in a few weeks—keep watching this space for more details! :D

Sketch for a graphic novel I’m (very slowly) working on. As much as I love color, I think going black and white is the only way I’m likely to actually complete this thing, so I’m playing around with tinting.

Sometimes you try to avoid cliche in your art, and sometimes you just lean right in 😛

This is based on a vague idea for a Zelda-inspired game set in a She-Ra inspired world, which I will never make but will totally play if you make it.

Working on another exquisite corpse with my comic nerd friends! This one has a sci-fi bent and is easily our most coherent story to date. Check it out! exquisitecorpse.fun/ship

Haven’t posted a proper painting in a while, so here’s a quick one inspired by a Super Mario Odyssey level.

Page 2 of my new comic features a big splash page introducing all the characters. I tried to give them unique silhouettes and color schemes and it took WAY longer than I thought it would 😛

Hey, I finally finished a short comic! Please enjoy "Star Sacrifice."

It might be something like Captain Marvel, but since I haven't seen the movie or read her comics you'll have to tell me :P

WIP on my newest magical friend painting series starring my daughter. This one is in oil, and much larger than the previous ones, which has been a big challenge! But it's been fun so far and I'm glad I got out of my comfort zone for this.

Breath of the Wild watercolor studies. I have not stopped playing this game, nor have I stopped taking screenshots half the time.

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