My Bob Rossing has produced a finished painting! I’m happy with this one 😀 Some facts:
- Oil on canvas
- 18 x 24 in
- My 2nd finished oil painting ever
- Not actually based on a Bob Ross video
- Not the Bob Ross method (he does wet on wet, this is mostly wet on dry)
- Loosely based on a bad photo I took of a print in a doctor’s office
- The cloud shadows on the foreground trees were a happy accident
- Taking pics of shiny oil paintings is hard

@quinnstephens the different layers of detail in this is really lovely

@quinnstephens the perspective is very well-rendered, impressive!

@quinnstephens You really "feel" the mountain between the trees and the clouds, you successfully managed to give it a "realistic" look (kinda impressivist) with the clouds and the trees. (Although the original model isn't from you, I know painting with oil is very hard, so GG)

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