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Quinn Stephens @quinnstephens@mastodon.art

Started my first piece with my brand new airbrush! I’ve never worked with an airbrush before and I’m still getting used to it, but I think there’s some awesome potential here. I’m going to use regular brushes for the foreground but bring back the airbrush to soften areas when they need it.

I spent all evening getting frustrated at attempts at character art, so this little landscape study was a palate cleanser.

Here's my ! I tried to pick pieces with a clear subject in them (ideally a face), which was tricky because I really lean toward landscapes. But I think this shows a pretty nice variety nonetheless :)

Hey everyone it’s , a thing I thought I made up until I saw the hashtag already existed! I did some ink studies of Nestor Redondo’s work on the Now Age Illustrated adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Really striking work!

I’ve fallen back into Breath of the Wild big time. Here’s a little study to help justify it.

Not super happy with this piece, but it was a good learning experience. I spent a lot more time on the background mountains than the foreground and it shows :P

I really need to start working larger. Theoretically gouache is a good medium for small detail, but I get frustrated by how little paint the smallest brushes can hold at a time. Here I brought in colored pencil to help with those fine areas, with mixed results.

Not all who wander are lost, but it’s still a pretty big ratio.

The more important the meeting, the more the universe conspires to keep you from getting there.

Sometimes it only feels like Saturday night when you’re out on the town.

Thinking about futuristic cityscapes a lot—maybe it’s anticipation for the new Janelle Monaé album 😃 mastodon.art/media/g6tlrNM_bZx

Sometimes you just feel like spending a Saturday night at home.

Getting further along with my first oil painting. I'm starting to get a feel for how to add new elements (quickly and decisively!) and how to blend (a separate dry brush helps a lot). The hardest part, interestingly enough, is mixing the paint. I keep ending up with blobs of different colors on my brush.

But I will say, being able to pull out my palette from yesterday and still use the same paint because it hasn't dried? *chef kiss*

Back to oil painting! Still getting a feel for it, esp. the way the colors can intermingle and layer over each other without actually blending. Powerful possibility there, if I can learn to control it.

Oil is a fun and playful medium, but it doesn’t support spontaneity the way water-based paint does. I do wish I’d planned out this composition beforehand instead of winging it. Still, it’s a fun experiment so far.

I find that when I paint traditionally, I’m constantly trying to make smooth gradients and hide my brushstrokes—but when I paint digitally, I keep using brushes that give everything a rough and organic look. In conclusion, I am impossible to please.