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Quinn Stephens @quinnstephens@mastodon.art

Sometimes you just feel like spending a Saturday night at home.

Getting further along with my first oil painting. I'm starting to get a feel for how to add new elements (quickly and decisively!) and how to blend (a separate dry brush helps a lot). The hardest part, interestingly enough, is mixing the paint. I keep ending up with blobs of different colors on my brush.

But I will say, being able to pull out my palette from yesterday and still use the same paint because it hasn't dried? *chef kiss*

Back to oil painting! Still getting a feel for it, esp. the way the colors can intermingle and layer over each other without actually blending. Powerful possibility there, if I can learn to control it.

Oil is a fun and playful medium, but it doesn’t support spontaneity the way water-based paint does. I do wish I’d planned out this composition beforehand instead of winging it. Still, it’s a fun experiment so far.

I find that when I paint traditionally, I’m constantly trying to make smooth gradients and hide my brushstrokes—but when I paint digitally, I keep using brushes that give everything a rough and organic look. In conclusion, I am impossible to please.

Not really sure what’s going on here, I just started painting and went with it. My wife suggested the flame orb when I couldn’t figure out what she should be pulling behind her. mastodon.art/media/3_HDIuX5kro

Sketch of an alien sea. Probably not safe to swim in, but what are we, a bunch of wimps?

This was my first time trying this kind of water rendering with no photo or art reference, and I’m pretty happy with it! I love the way light shines through water. mastodon.art/media/lRbNwHn3-1e

Just unearthed one of the first watercolor paintings I ever did, from 17 years ago. I don’t know that I’ve done 17 years’ worth of improving since then, but nice to see that I *have* improved 😁

Sci-if sketch in Procreate. This ended up being a somewhat accidental do-over of my first attempt at a casein painting. mastodon.art/media/k5JMKDRwg8t

Hi Mastodon! Some super cool artists and I just launched a Kickstarter for an anthology of short comics. It’s called Out of the Deep and its going to be an awesome lineup! One of the backer tiers includes an animated pixel art GIF commission from yours truly, so dont miss out 😀 Tell your friends! kickstarter.com/projects/31990

After a lot of hemming and hawing I finally shelled out for an iPad Pro, and...wow, this thing is a dream to paint on. I’m not going to abandon traditional paints, but for quickly sketching out an idea this is going to be fantastic 😀 My inaugural piece is my favorite subject ever, a small person in front of a big fantastic landscape. mastodon.art/media/NF4T8SteOi0

Hourly comic day is this Thursday! I’ve never completed it but maybe this’ll be the year - who else is in?

Back to oils! This is my first attempt at a real piece, on a canvas pad. Learned a few things:
- You can extend the paint a lot more with oil than water-based paint. Spreading a small bit of paint over a lot of canvas makes a nice smoky effect.
- Oils are less opaque than gouache or casein. This made adding highlights tricky, especially over wet paint.
- It’s hard to relax and remember that the paint won’t dry right away on either the piece or the palette. 😀

Just impulsively submitted a piece to the Spectrum fantastic art contest (spectrumfantasticart.com/entry) at the last minute before the deadline. I don't honestly think I'm at the level that this kind of contest is going to attract, but hey, you never know :)

RIP Ursula Le Guin. Thanks for leaving behind so much great work that I'm only starting to explore.

Progress! I’m finding a bit of a g.g. digi, Cucumber Quest kinda look with this piece.

Working on the first fan art I've done in a while, inspired by the Lars of the Stars episode of Steven Universe. This is going to be a very busy piece but I think it'll be fun! I used high-flow acrylic for the black background and will be painting over it in gouache. Sketch is with a white luminance colored pencil. mastodon.art/media/zuRjIRveur4

Moonlit landscape in casein that I based on a screenshot from Horizon: Zero Dawn. That game renders nighttime as very green, but I’m kind of in love with Shiva Violet so I used a bunch of that too. It looks a lot more purple in person.

I was going to do some more playing with oils tonight but I got lazy. So here’s some space stuff in watercolor and gouache instead! I was heavily inspired here by the look of an old Disney Adventures comic I just tracked down, Space Mickey and the Throgg Ray Wars.

Anyone else feel a rush of relief on discovering that an artist with really impressive work is decades older than you? It's like phew, I still have 30 years to get that good!