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Quinn Stephens @quinnstephens@mastodon.art

Gotta stop every now and then when you’re traveling and just take in the scenery.

Finally got back to some traditional painting with this gouache piece! I even brought out the airbrush; a lot of extra setup, but worth it for those lovely smooth gradations.

This was an adaptation of a digital piece I made, and it honestly doesn't live up to it, but I'm still calling it a win because I got to sit down and play with physical paint again. I also learned that gouache works really well on Bristol.

New video! I made use of Procreate’s awesome video playback feature to show the process of my Riviera Sunset Breeze painting: youtu.be/y6_DK5qwbUc

Finished! This might be the most involved digital painting I’ve done yet and I’m really happy with it. It’s probably just a little busier than it needs to be, but I restrained myself from adding a million light sources at least 😛 It’s based on a photo I took years ago in Cozumel, Mexico and I’m glad I finally got a chance to use it for something.

WIP digital painting based on a photo I took years ago. I’m going for a magical and slightly cartoony look, and I’m still figuring out what exactly I’m going to add to the scene to make it look more fantastical. Giant boats, towers, maybe airships?

Made a little triptych out of my magical fantasy warriors! I swear they’re not the Powerpuff Girls.

Fire swords and ice lances are all well and good, but sometimes you really need some glowy green weapons to complete your color palette. This fantasy warrior lady and her magical leaf boomerangs are here to heed the call.

WOW this took a long time and many restarts. I had a ton of trouble with her face and I don’t know why. Pretty happy with the result, but my wrist is not pleased.

Hey, it’s an ice warrior lady! Remember the fire warrior lady I posted? They should probably hang out.

This one was interesting because I decided to have the lighting be head-on from a midday sun, which makes it tougher to define forms than having light from the side. I had to cheat the background into darkness a lot in order to make her stand out better.

I just posted by sketchbook tour video! It's pretty long and rambling but that seems to be accepted in this format? Please let me know what you think!


Just started work on a little cautionary tale about conducting an orchestra without the proper training.

I made a ! This is also basically what I’d look like if I were a JRPG villain, so two birds one stone.

After many months of procrastination and false starts, I finally completed a first pass at a painting for one of our conference rooms at work (they’re all named after Star Wars characters because we are big nerds). The final product will be traditionally painted, likely with gouache and airbrush, but I’m going to put up a print of this first and see how it looks!

Today’s plein air adventure was a real lesson in Irish coastal weather—I got chased off Bray Head by an approaching wall of rain, only for clear skies to return about 10 minutes after I packed up. I decided to set up again on the beach, and pretty soon rain was heading in again. This time I gambled it would miss me by a small margin and fortunately I was right, getting a halfway decent study of the Head out of the deal.