Working on another exquisite corpse with my comic nerd friends! This one has a sci-fi bent and is easily our most coherent story to date. Check it out!

Haven’t posted a proper painting in a while, so here’s a quick one inspired by a Super Mario Odyssey level.

Page 2 of my new comic features a big splash page introducing all the characters. I tried to give them unique silhouettes and color schemes and it took WAY longer than I thought it would 😛

Hey, I finally finished a short comic! Please enjoy "Star Sacrifice."

It might be something like Captain Marvel, but since I haven't seen the movie or read her comics you'll have to tell me :P

WIP on my newest magical friend painting series starring my daughter. This one is in oil, and much larger than the previous ones, which has been a big challenge! But it's been fun so far and I'm glad I got out of my comfort zone for this.

Breath of the Wild watercolor studies. I have not stopped playing this game, nor have I stopped taking screenshots half the time.

All right, I’m ready to storm the fortress!

Yeah, this is everything I’m bringing.

No, we don’t need anything else. You have wings and my sword is ON FIRE. I think we’re good.

WIP of my first attempt at an acrylic painting! I’m liking it more than I expected—it’s easier to work with at large scale than gouache, and the fast drying time allows for more experimentation than oil. The difficulty of blending compared to either of those media is very apparent, but I can definitely see myself using acrylic to build an underpainting for oil in the future.

This piece was tough to photograph—the toughness of the board gives it a nice texture but it makes the photo look kind of scratchy. Still happy with the piece though! Gouache on board, 6x6”.

Getting ready to teach a watercolor workshop tomorrow with some warmups! Watercolor is harder than I remembered so this should be interesting 😛

Just picked up Xing: The Land Beyond on PS4 and am seriously loving these Myst vibes 🤩

Hey fediverse, I'm trying to think of some cool, obscure and friendly mythical creatures from existing folklore. The kind who could plausibly be friends of a young child. Anyone have any suggestions? :D

Quick digital painting inspired by a neighbor’s lamppost in the snow, which always makes me think of Narnia.

Study of a photo I took of the beagle channel, with the rowboat and the foreground basically made up. This was a fun one, and one of my better attempts at smooth blending in gouache.

That last Steven Universe episode has me feeling a lot of feelings. One of those is: more of Connie and her awesome new sword please.

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