It’s time I sat down and worked on some real anatomy—love my landscapes, but I need to get out of my comfort zone a bit! Andrew Loomis says you should draw a head every day so HERE’S YOUR HEAD, Loomis, I copied it from your book!


Almost gave up on this one, it wasn't really working for me. Then I pulled out the airbrush and *chef kiss*. Started out as a Bob Eggleton master study, although I simplified the composition a lot.

Getting in a nice afternoon snooze. Gouache painting based on a photo I took in the Beagle Channel.

mostly because I started practicing way, way more, but a couple things in particular helped a lot:
- I tried a new medium (opaque paint) after many years of staying in my comfort zone, which made me rethink basic assumptions I didn’t know I had.
- I started thinking less about lines and form and more about color and light. “Where is the light coming from?” became a key question for every piece. Using a small number of light sources is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve heard!

Working on a new comic! It’s about my ongoing misadventures with raccoons in my back yard. I am bad at the suburbs.

First time I’ve pulled out the iPad Pro in a while, and I’m glad I did! I was in a bit of a slump after I abandoned inktober due to shoulder pain. Feeling better now, and getting some of that inspiration back 😛

I’ve been more into traditional work lately, but I really love how I can make such thin bright highlights in digital work. Hard to do with paint!

Hey everyone, my company just launched a Kickstarter for a concept called Inclusion Cards! The idea is to use a lighthearted, game-like set of cards to make work meetings more inclusive. Cut down on interruptions, make it easier for junior team members to call out management, and overall make everyone more aware of how they're communicating with each other. I helped develop some of the new visual designs. Check it out!

Fan art for Mary and the Witch’s Flower, a very pretty movie. Really nice to be doing some color work again after all that b&w!

This is not technically for but I’ll use the hashtag anyway! It was actually high flow acrylic and watercolor, for an entry in the exquisite corpse my local comics group is doing. Read the full thing here!

I’ve had to take a good long break from thanks to shoulder pain, so I figured I’d post some ink sketches I did last month as a substitute. Enjoy!

This is definitely my weakest entry this year, partly due to shoulder pain that led me to rush through it. But the show will go on! I might skip a few of the prompts rather than trying to catch up and fit them all in. Some of them will be hard to fit into the story anyhow

I had some trouble with day 4's prompt, so I had to stretch the meaning a little bit...

Ok, I’m calling it! This is my first real-life finished oil painting. There are still things I’m tempted to fiddle with but I think it’s time to move on to my next attempt. Now that I have some actual confidence in my ability to handle oils, this should be a lot of fun 😃

In case you hadn't seen it, our anthology is now LIVE on Kickstarter :] One of the most fulfilling projects I've gotten to work on, so glad it's off and running!

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