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“What are you trying to do to me?”

It’s my birthday week okay, more gifts for me 💦

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Drew my ship for my own birthday~ Brennan (half-orc half-elf) and Nils (eladrin) from my weekly game

Radio Silence has updated!
Procrastination team champions. (The runners up suffer 1d6 psychic damage.)

It's a new month and thus very important for TWC votes! If you can spare half a minute to vote for Radio Silence, it would be much appreciated!

when you’ve barely slept off your exhaustion and your teammate is being way too peppy for mid-afternoon and barging into your shitty inn room 

Radio Silence has updated with work from the community!

Be sure to read the comments under the image for fanfic from the community! Consider joining the Big Bang event!

Also: the hiatus continues through to February due to unforeseen circumstances!

Elly and the Himbos: the one-shot was SO much fun! Her merry men might have had a problem with her morals, but everyone had a very uhhh happy ending by the end of it so what's a little killin' to get a job done?

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The tough times

best holiday wishes, especially those of us who are missing someone

Dancing on the rooftop under the moonlight with your new party member because you blew your stealth

only to fall through the roof

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When you split the party and almost get killed, but it's a lesson in character growth for your usually-works-alone rogue to value the power of friendship

I've never played a rogue before, so I went in with the confidence of a barbarian and had the HP of a rogue to back that up

Due to flooding in my workspace, I don’t have access to my files to make an update graphic, but Radio Silence has updated!

It’s been a very hard week for me, so I was cheered up to see that Radio Silence was selected for this week’s Comic Tea Party comment storm! (Info here:

Please consider a (re)read and leave a comment along the way!

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