Another (hopefully, pending approval) Dungeons and Dragons design from me! It’s a Banishment Dice Jail! Bad dice get banished! Send them through the middle of the rune and watch them disappear (for a minute, until they inevitably return to this plane).

You can vote 5 stars and let WotC know you wanna see this come to life right here:

Radio Silence face masks are now available via society6, who is donating proceeds to a COVID charity. Pick yours up and stay safe out there, everyone!

My newest official Dungeons and Dragons merch design is live! I'm excited about this dice bag, it's actually perfect for keeping minis in! You can get yours here!

Mine came in a few days ago and I took some terrible shots of my own! Here it is with my Waterdeep minis inside, including an armoured elephant that Renaer is riding haha

remembering some cuteness when Cat tried to bolster the monk's self confidence/image and they ended up drifting off into their respective trances cuddled up

Updated my height chart! Some of my currently played DnD characters! A few are DMPCs.

Thorhak - goliath barbarian
Brennan - half-elf half-orc roguebarian
Tif - eladrin roguebard
Elly - tiefling swashbard
Kallypsis - fire genasi trickery cleric
Cat - eladrin barbarian
Zelifarn - bronze dragon
Faushnu - dworc fighterbarian
Jay/Echo - kenku rogue

Feel free to ask me questions about any of them! I’m always happy to talk about them!

Two (eladrin) seasons, one flustered guy

My character Cat made it back to the starting town and had the guy she met at the tea shop over for dinner finally, and she broke her shackles that prevented her from shifting seasons and experiencing emotions properly. Now they’re very overwhelmed and got to experience joy and a male presenting Spring for the first time in their life!

Damien the tea shop guy, the very regular person who was Cat’s first friend in the first city she arrived at. He never charged her for tea (which is good, because she hardly had any money to begin with and even less knowledge on how to use it). He has a massive crush on Cat and tries to make sure Cat stays oblivious to that fact. Thankfully for him, she has nooo clue why everyone is giggling behind her back :(

Cat literally carrying her unconscious party out of a night village raid they lost (incl. non filter version to see more details)

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