My D&D dice bag design, a sleeping dragon on its hoard of golden treasure, is up for voting on fanforge! Please help it get produced by giving it 5 stars and a comment!

Someone has already messaged me asking if they can sew their own... 😡 How about?? no??? it's my design?? Ugh! The perils of putting things online!

@quietsnooze this is not that bad as it sounds... It is not only the idea that counts, but also how things are actually made.

@saper sure, but the idea is now copyrighted to Wizards of the Coast and WeLoveFine and me, so they can’t actually go and copy it 🙃

@quietsnooze You could have sold downloadable patterns ... There are things that should be behind pay wall. #knowledgeeconomy #respectthecreators

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