I'm back to my dice bag designing ways with TWO new designs for you to vote to be made official!

Vote 5 stars here for the griffon dice bag to join my already available dragon in a sleeping beast series!

Second, for another monster entirely - my gelatinous cube dice bag concept!

Bring that liquid pencil case nostalgia to frightening heights with the bones and weapons of fallen heroes in confetti form!

Gotta mention once again (since I was literally just tagged in another bootlegged copy of my work) these are NOT guides for you to make your own! Do not decide to sew or craft based on my work! It is not flattering! It is violating copyright! If you like my design then vote & RT them so they’ll be made into official merch that you can buy!

@quietsnooze I love this concept!

Are you making these? Can I order one?

@katwylder :D I'm so happy my dragons have a third batch! ( I hope it means I can make more cute monsters like the griffon too!!

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