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In celebration of Radio Silence’s upcoming 4th anniversary, I’m running a giveaway, including two copies! Plenty of ways to enter, some daily:

Here are my themed character adoptables!
- $70 usd per character, via paypal - You receive the high res art (no watermark) & use them as you like! Design credit remains mine but you can change'm once you own!
- Send an email quietsnooze at gmail dot com to claim!

Radio Silence is an award winning lgbtq+ coming of age drama about a British rock band’s rise to fame! It updates every Tuesday, and book one is available now:

Done the lineart for my adoptables! Kept the classes pretty open to interpretation but they’re at least suggested. Races are half-elf, tiefling, and halfling! I don’t do full commissions much at all so this would be the only way to get that’d from me

Come join us in the Radio Silence discord! Super friendly, lovely bunch of people! Really relaxed! Share music, chat about your DnD characters, come up with Brent theories in the theory channel~

Instead I’m just waiting on the last five traditional queries out there in the wild, unanswered

Feeling quite close to just wanting to put a pin in the story and call it a day because there clearly isn’t interest :(

Another pitching event today and I had no idea it was even coming, so it’s all old art... this whole agent query thing is really taxing on my self confidence but every time one of these events comes around again, I get a renewed sense of hope this’ll be the time the right agent finds me

The Radio Silence discord was SO active yesterday! I barely got any work done because I was so excited to participate haha the off topic channel became flooded with pet pics and there was so much discussion in the general one as to theories and characterization... heaven...

PROMISE ME is a prequel mini comic for Radio Silence starring Matt and Colbie! It's 12 pages long and now available in physical print: or instantly in PDF format:

Day two was great!! I’m so tired!! I love meeting fans!!!

Day one went so well!! I hope day two is just as great, ahhh

I've set aside just a few physical copies of Promise Me, the Radio Silence prequel mini comic, and they're up for preorder now!
The PDF version is available for preorder here:

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