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Radio Silence has updated!
Ever wondered about the original canon of the Radio Silence characters? Here's a look into that world!

Radio Silence has updated!
The look behind the scenes has continued, this time guest starring @froregade 's Norah from Agents of the Realm!

On the positive side! I’m pretty excited about starting a new chapter of Radio Silence! If you read it ( if you don’t already), what are you looking forward to most?

They’re very, very cheap because I just want to get them out the door! I’ve had them for years, please help them find new homes!

Proceeds from my Fresh Buns set for the next month will be donated to , which does amazing work here in southern Ontario to find homes for abandoned rabbits! These pins are also discounted so act fast to grab one and support RR!

Another pay-what-you-want Radio Silence request via my ko-fi (

A request to explore the complex (non-romantic) relationship between Liz and Pandora. (warning: blood)

Trying something indulgent- for those who donate a few ko-fis, drop me a request of a Radio Silence pair for a shippy sketch! Give me an excuse to draw some smooches~

Drew one of my players' character, an air genasi monk who's an alcoholic party girl looking to lock down a rich husband

Trying to draw out some anxieties by indulging in one of my fave OCs

The official blue dragon dice bags come out in a few weeks and I’m so excited!

You can get the red one right now:

Nott is the CUTEST… I adore her…

Had to drop everything to draw her newest outfit.

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