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It’s been a very hard week for me, so I was cheered up to see that Radio Silence was selected for this week’s Comic Tea Party comment storm! (Info here:

Please consider a (re)read and leave a comment along the way!

PROMISE ME is a prequel mini comic for Radio Silence starring Matt and Colbie! It's 12 pages long and now available in physical print: or instantly in PDF format:

I have one more commission spot open for December portraits or chibis! I’ll be working on these after I finish the comic page I’m working on!

Want to grab some Radio Silence merch for the holidays? All of it is 20% off until the 4th of December!

Gonna be playing him again soon so here are some more doodles of the roguey boy

Mama the orc barbarian~

Felt like drawing my first campaign character from a decade ago.

It’s always odd to draw a character differently from what you’re accustomed to, (especially when that means getting rid of facial hair), but I needed to calm my nerves so I doodled my boy as a teen

Radio Silence has updated!
Chapter 5 has started now! What do you think will go down this chapter?

Little Liz~ Felt like doodling her as a kid.

Character from my

It’s a new month and therefore an important one for TWC voting! If you can spare half a minute to vote for Radio Silence, it will greatly improve traffic to the comic and be much appreciated

Radio Silence has updated!
Ever wondered about the original canon of the Radio Silence characters? Here's a look into that world!

Radio Silence has updated!
The look behind the scenes has continued, this time guest starring @froregade 's Norah from Agents of the Realm!

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