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in this scene, the aasimar sorcerer asked him about his family (to Brennan's disgust) and William the monk went on about his huge family... til Castor (sorcerer) asked him about his wife and then we found out what we were all dreading, that she died months ago and signing up for this was his way to keep his mind off the loss

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More doodles. Brennan rolled poorly for disguising these two (and then incredibly for his own disguise, naturally) so the old monk has a glued on moustache and blanket shawl, and the kid's a newsie haha

Finished a comic of the most important part of *the* scene where Brennan and Nilnaith finally... cleared the air~

One of my fave parts of a verrrry good scene in wherein Brennils became canon!!!

Relating the dialogue as best as I remember it... the whole thing had me so swept up in it that it took minutes to recover after and I missed the next (unrelated) scene 😂

Finished designing my eldarin rogue finally! (They/he for spring and winter, they/she for summer and autumn) They're already a lot of fun to play and I've only been RPing with winter so far.

A pair of frienemies~

Maith (my IRL bff's elven ranger, one of her preferred enemies is goliaths) and Thorhak (my lovable goliath barbarian) are just some of the characters from a long running campaign

I’m gonna open up one commission spot for these because I have very little to do this week and am still learning how not to hate working on the ipad so:

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Finally drew my weekly party all together~

Castor the aasimar sorcerer, Ghor the bugbear bard, Sylvaris the half-elf wizard, William the human monk, Nilnaith the eladrin ranger, and my sulky Brennan the “elf” rogue

I was trying to figure out earlier how Brennan would intentionally flirt, and all I could think of was this Spiderverse reference so here is what 0 charisma gets him

Can’t believe my DM literally took at nap at 2pm and slept until 9AM THE NEXT DAY and woke up thinking it was 9pm and he was late to DnD by an hour

Instead of 13hrs

He’s super unreliable and I can’t even get excited about Friday as game day anymore because I don’t know if he will just... not show up

Radio Silence has updated!
A fox has entered the hen house, his teeth bared into the mockery of a smile...

"It's sunrise... The others will be waking soon."

"We can fit in a few more moments just to ourselves..."

More shippy DnD art while I impatiently wait for next session.

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