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My 104 page art book is up on gumroad! It contains comics, sketches, illustrations, and backstory information about Dungeons and Dragons characters, from delightful Waterdeep NPCs to long running campaign characters!

Everything’s f i n e

(everything’s not in fact fine and last session of DnD has made my eladrin very very upset after her beloved friend died)

I’ve been playing my elf game in the Sims and this mystery Mac and cheese kept popping up in the yard. Cat stays home all day and cooks several meals, so I was confused why one of the Sims kept making and abandoning their cauldron mac in the yard. I finally caught them in progress - the monkcleric sneaks out in the dead of night to make yard mac and now that’s a meme in our group

Page one of a mini comic featuring Cat and Damien from my The rest will go up on patreon and be included in my eventual DnD zine!

my DM told me that when Damien slept in Cat's bed when she's in the chapel time chamber thingy, he curled up and was comforted by how they still smelled like her and I'm sobbing 🥺

The trees melted into normal blossomed trees, the animals into strange beautiful creatures like deer with too many antlers...

And a man with large fluffy orange hair and long eyebrows off the side of his face grinned as he leaned down at the still frightened Cat...

Saying “Hello Princess!”


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She stepped out into a forest, lush but... wrong. The huge animals had too many unsettling features and general wrongness. She was being watched by many eyes. She was spooked by a half rotted bird and started running. She finally broke out into a clearing only to see a figure...

Who twisted to look at her unsettlingly, green smoke coming from one eye socket and his missing hand..

He lunged at her, causing her to scream.

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Til she remembered the chapel. Where she could probably find someone to tell her what to do, which she’s desperately clinging onto needing, again esp in Winter as she is

Her party and Damien follow, quickly giving her mixed messages and completely flustering her about the one decision she made on her own.

But in the end, she went through the door to meet whichever deity, being, whatever might have chosen her.


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Not like a child but as someone who is needed, cuz she felt like they didn’t need her anymore and were having fun without her. She’s never had proper friends let alone a family before so this whole thing is rocky unfamiliar territory for her, especially while Wintered

It goes over mostly well, with hugs and reassurance (as Damien mimed cues to the party behind her back).

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(Trying to do the voice for her while she’s supposed to be crying actually choked me up and I was fittingly sniffly for the rest of the session!)

And then we went to the Secrets channel and BACKSTORY FOR BOTH happened!

He eventually was able to bolster her confidence and *tell* her to talk to her party (this is important, as her friends are realizing and was especially key to the session because this trait is worse in winter), which she did... she tearfully tried to tell them to treat her-

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She ran away back to Damien’s, fey stepping at one point which lost the trail for Abe chasing. She Wintered. Cried silently at his table while he still slept in. Finally he woke up and came to her with concern - this is the first time he’s seen Winter Cat and well, she sad...

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