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Radio Silence has updated!
Stop trying to make merry x-mas happen! It's not gonna happen! Happy Holidays from the band!

More NPCs for my homebrew game! Session one was just yesterday and I'm riding off a nervous-jitters-but-also-excitement high from that.

My 104 page art book is up on gumroad! It contains comics, sketches, illustrations, and backstory information about Dungeons and Dragons characters, from delightful Waterdeep NPCs to long running campaign characters!

Everything’s f i n e

(everything’s not in fact fine and last session of DnD has made my eladrin very very upset after her beloved friend died)

I’ve been playing my elf game in the Sims and this mystery Mac and cheese kept popping up in the yard. Cat stays home all day and cooks several meals, so I was confused why one of the Sims kept making and abandoning their cauldron mac in the yard. I finally caught them in progress - the monkcleric sneaks out in the dead of night to make yard mac and now that’s a meme in our group

Page one of a mini comic featuring Cat and Damien from my The rest will go up on patreon and be included in my eventual DnD zine!

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