Hello Mastodon! It's time, the existence of mastodon.art has enticed me to add yet another social platform to my life 🙂

I'm Nat, an aspiring comics creator and digital artist based in Nottingham, UK. I work full time in an IT job and I'm not great at finishing projects started in my spare time.

I have lots of experience of forcing myself to do extreme daily art challenges, at the expense of my own self-care, but I'm still working out how to make digital art and comics in a more sustainable way.

I'm interested in comics-life balance 😉

As well as a day job free of drawing, I have hypermobile EDS and a constellation of developmental neurodivergent conditions - although not dyslexia - I tested negative for that one!

Those are a big part of why trying anything except for daily 'Got to draw it, got to finish it, got to post it on social media' routines has failed for me in the past.

I had some scary burn out last year that I've only recently recovered from, Inktober put me back into some worrying patterns so I stopped after 20 days.

It did prove to me that I can finish one page comics I'm proud of, if I spread the work out properly though.

For examples of my style, here's a selection of my Doctor Who fan art from 2008 to 2012. See my deviantART or Instagram (same name) for more.

mastodon.art/media/ov_0939zIpH mastodon.art/media/CnpmtMgF909 mastodon.art/media/lAmamkyc7ls mastodon.art/media/XdjpK8AJ5oB

Some wildlife art of mine, three digital paintings and one that's just good old mechanical pencil on printer paper.

Stock photography used as reference, not from life, see my deviantArt for more details of the process.

mastodon.art/media/1FinGvIOjwB mastodon.art/media/9gBcFBSiGF3 mastodon.art/media/daC1RHJ95Dy mastodon.art/media/xePpdAiBvVk

The entries I'm most pleased with.

Including 'what happened next' panels for those @MicroSFF comics.

I'm much more comfortable with digital art, but 21 days of definitely improved my ink brush pen skills!

mastodon.art/media/JHMubugvr3A mastodon.art/media/TZLwRSYAPza mastodon.art/media/kO7c67tsE7t mastodon.art/media/7ReDnvLSqnU

Artboard 1 copy 3M-eyeFollow

A shorter now I have a bit more of a hang of this!

I'm a UK-based neurodivergent, easily distracted and enthusiastic IT professional with a wonky body.

I mostly work digitally, but daily art challenges, including Inktober, have improved my traditional skills.

I'm aspiring to be a comics creator, but to be less extreme about it than I've been during challenges. More self-care and fun, less argh-deadlines.

Here's some self-portraits, scroll up this thread of replies for a selection of favourite comics, Inktober entries, wildlife art and Doctor Who fan art.

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