I spent the entire evening assembling this Spotify playlist of all the songs in 'You Can Teach Yourself Autoharp': open.spotify.com/user/11173932

…then I discovered the Kindle edition comes with a free digital download of all the featured songs actually being performed on autoharp as they're arranged! 😅

Oh well! It's been very educational listening to dozens of different arrangements of traditional American or Country music in the hopes of finding one that isn't some modern reinterpretation that changes the rhythm or worse!

(It is really amazing how many of these songs I had never heard of - even when I heard the tune!

It's not like I didn't grow up learning recorder or singing songs in Christian school assemblies or at Sunday school!)

(The American version of "We are climbing Jacob's Ladder" is way less fun than the British version. I always assumed American religious school assemblies would be more dynamic than C of E.)

Gosh I've downloaded the audio that goes with the autoharp book - it's a full on instructional audiobook (that used to be a CD) designed to teach you the autoharp with the book existing just to support it!

You get whole tracks of talking, then a play through, then just the vocal!

I take it back, my MP3 file just told me to set the counter on my cassette player to 0 so I can keep rewinding back to the start of the song and replay until I get it perfect! 😆


I am going to be *so* good at country music when I finish this audiobook autoharp course!

And I mostly play folk inspired music, so country's not *that* far off what I'm aiming for 🙂

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