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A shorter now I have a bit more of a hang of this!

I'm a UK-based neurodivergent, easily distracted and enthusiastic IT professional with a wonky body.

I mostly work digitally, but daily art challenges, including Inktober, have improved my traditional skills.

I'm aspiring to be a comics creator, but to be less extreme about it than I've been during challenges. More self-care and fun, less argh-deadlines.

Here's some self-portraits, scroll up this thread of replies for a selection of favourite comics, Inktober entries, wildlife art and Doctor Who fan art.

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A while ago I turned some of my into and gave them away for free.

I've now made a 10 page printable PDF colouring book, featuring 16 characters including Ood, Cybermen, Daleks and K-9!

As long as you're not making money off these, they're free to download and use however you wish - just please give me credit and link back to the download page:

I'd love to see what people do with them 🙂

I accidentally lettered the days as 16-18 in the first version of that, not realising it had passed midnight, so the redrawn numbers aren't quite as neat as they would've been!

Just noticed the thumbnail sketch for last night's Inktober entry - it looks so much more dynamic than what I ended up inking!

Repost of yesterday's Inktober days 10 to 11 "Flowing" / "Cruel" illness catch-up under natural light.

That one might have even looked good if I hadn't used a brush pen or tried to mix a metallic pen with a marker pen for colouring!

And imagine how much better it would look as digital art.

Just imagine! 🤔🤯

Inktober 2018 Days 10 to 11, "Flowing" / "Cruel" - catching up after having a day off with a cold.

(That comic looked much better when it was just blue pencils, and I'm frustrated that I made such a mess of colouring the text message bubbles, but I'm still pretty pleased with how that turned out!)

Inktober 2018 Day 4, "Spell".

Story from a tweet by @MicroSFF

Created as part of a micro story adaptation challenge at Nottingham Hackspace Comics Making Group.

Illustrations for the talk I'm doing at on Thursday, "The Elephant in the Room".

I'll be using a modern take on the ancient Parable of the Elephant - and lots of elephant-themed mixed metaphors - to explore reasons why specialists in single trait conditions might miss underlying pervasive neurodivergence.

Some 5 minute life drawings in charcoal and chalk from this morning's extremely enjoyable Drawing Bisexuals session.

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