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A shorter now I have a bit more of a hang of this!

I'm a UK-based neurodivergent, easily distracted and enthusiastic IT professional with a wonky body.

I mostly work digitally, but daily art challenges, including Inktober, have improved my traditional skills.

I'm aspiring to be a comics creator, but to be less extreme about it than I've been during challenges. More self-care and fun, less argh-deadlines.

Here's some self-portraits, scroll up this thread of replies for a selection of favourite comics, Inktober entries, wildlife art and Doctor Who fan art.

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A while ago I turned some of my into and gave them away for free.

I've now made a 10 page printable PDF colouring book, featuring 16 characters including Ood, Cybermen, Daleks and K-9!

As long as you're not making money off these, they're free to download and use however you wish - just please give me credit and link back to the download page:

I'd love to see what people do with them 🙂

Inktober 2018 Day 31, "Slice".

And that makes it 20 total entries for this year's Inktober, 3 more than last year! It's been fun 😊

And with that, I've beaten my Inktober 2017 total number of Inktober entries, and without burning out or stressing out in the process this time 😊

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I've now equalled the number of Inktober entries I managed last year, without burning out or my self-care suffering!

Skipping days and doing combo catch-up entries was definitely a good strategy for sustainability! 😊

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That one would've looked much better if I'd realised my black marker had dried up before I started colouring with it!

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(That was a quicky because I realised how late it was just as I started inking)

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For one terrible moment, all I could think of to fit those prompt words was colonic irrigation! 😅

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Inktober 2018 Days 21 to 23, "Drain" / "Expensive" / "Muddy".

Decided to switch from just the brush pen to just the fineliner.

I challenged myself to draw fire in freehand ink without using colour.

Don't think I completely succeeded, but that's ink for you!

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I accidentally lettered the days as 16-18 in the first version of that, not realising it had passed midnight, so the redrawn numbers aren't quite as neat as they would've been!

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Just noticed the thumbnail sketch for last night's Inktober entry - it looks so much more dynamic than what I ended up inking!

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