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FINALLY FINISHED THIS OMG. When did I start this? Almost a year ago?? ANYWAYS, a pic of my babey Musa in one(?) of her traveling outfits! (She has a few - performers gotta be prepared.)

((HUGE shoutout to oliviamargraf_posta on Instagram for the inspiration for this piece~!))

A proper performer always curtsies~ 🎶

((My Tiefling bard Musa in her performance clothes! Super happy with how this one turned out.))

“The way you fell out of the sky, I thought you might be an angel or something!”

When I first saw PROMARE, this was the very first AU that came to mind - this scene in particular. I finally forced myself to sit down and finish this and LET ME TELL YOU, if there is one thing I took away from it, it’s that I need to study how to paint/draw backgrounds.

(Because those clouds gave me an existential crisis.)

My completed piece for Cauterize: A LioGalo Wedding Zine!

My favorite part? The cake topper. XD

Reading through the final zine legit made me cry, you guys. So much love and talent went into this project, and it paid off immensely. Congratulations everyone on an awesome job well done!

Listen, I just...I JUST LOVE THEM A LOT, OK

Fun fact! THE Benjamin (from the film's theme song "INFERNO") liked the sketch version of the first piece. <3

My finished piece for the incredibly adorable Bloom Into You zine!

Bloom into You is a series that is very near and dear to my heart, so I was floored to be included in this charity zine full of gorgeous artwork. <3 The aquarium chapter is probably my favorite, so I had a lot of fun creating this!

My pieces for the delightful Yuri!! On Zine fantasy zine, "Once Upon a Time!"

This was my first zine that I was able to help create merchandise for! The OtaYuri piece became a notebook. <3

My finished piece for the RWBY zine "Like Morning Follows Night".

All proceeds for this zine were donated to the charity RAINN. <3

I got the idea to create a Mucha-esque advert for the CH Postal Service. Heavily inspired and referenced from Alphonse Mucha’s 1989 painting “Woman with Poppies”.

⚔️ We’re on the edge of greatness, turning darkness to light
We’re right beside you, ready to fight ⚔️

An old print from back when She-Ra and the Princesses of Power first premiered.

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