Went to Mexico this summer, so i painted the blowhole in Ensenada

An older painting back from January that I still really like aaa

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official time
sorry for repost i used the wrong hashtag last time

Whaddup lads i'm kringle and i draw cute grills and buff boys. its like super epic cause its all i do with my life.
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u can also find me at:
:twitter: twitter.com/kringle_c
📷 instagram.com/kringle_cc
📹 twitch.com/kringle_c
:tumball: kringle-c.tumblr.com/
:polarbears: kringle-c.newgrounds.com/
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coms open 24/7 since last year because im a smol college bean. thanks for tunning into the shitshow

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Hey there! This is some flareon gift art/fan art I made about a month ago, hope it looks okay! :D

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Hey sorry for disappearing life's been really hectic (>;ω;<)
Here's a Halloween special thing I'm doin hope you enjoy!

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Lined my Sonic redesign!! Can you tell the Sonic Boom show was my first Sonic?? 🤔🤔🤔💙💙

A collaboration with lunamooondraws on twitter, she did the lovely lines and I did the coloring! 💞


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